Epic Date

I got to meet a really sexy amazing fun friend and her Hubby from Canada this past weekend.  On Friday Traveler and I got to have drinks with her and her Hubby, and on Saturday Cleveland and I had dinner and drinks with them.  Both times we found amazing places to go and it was just so much fun to meet and get to know them both a little.



The first was called Zig Zag Cafe and it’s located by the market, off of western, down the hill from the furniture store.  They had seriously yummy food and craft cocktails and house made ginger drinks.  A-maze-ing.  Traveler’s drink smelled so damn good I had him drink some and kiss me for the flavor.

The second place was called Ocho.  It has delicious small plates and craft cocktails too, including one called dealer’s choice.  You order it with a spirit or whatever of your choice and they make something up.  I had three mocktails and was blown away by each one.  The rest of the table had a plethora of challenges for the bartenders and had it knocked out of the park each time.  Mulled ingredients, bitters, obscure liquors.. it was phenomenal!

Traveler was in rare form.  He asked if we might like some alone time before we were to meet my friends.  I ALWAYS want our alone time and said yes.  He got his things together and headed over.  It took him longer than expected and he disappointedly said, “I guess I fucked up my chance at our alone time before we meet everyone”.  We had about 40 minutes.  I told him I had been thinking about fucking him for an hour and I would make it happen.  I grabbed him and had to hold myself back a good deal.  I pushed him on the bed and just kinda took him.  He loved it!  I think our sex is getting better and better.  It was hot to take what I wanted from him and hot that he so obviously liked it.

I have to say too.. I’m doubting Cleveland is actually 40.  I’m still a little sore from the voracious and impassioned schtuping he gave me…. like.. HOURS and HOURS with zero chemical assistance.  He showed up a while before we were to meet my Canuks and showed me his thuddy flogger.  I should have asked him to flog me long long ago.  It’s a serious flogger and he’s very good with it!

We’d gotten carried away, like we do, and had some amazing sex and talk and cuddling and kisses and then remembered the flogger.  I said he was a tease, so he spanked me pretty soundly and flogged me a bit before he used his equally talented hand.  The rest of the sex is honestly a blur of kisses and passion and pleasure.  We got ready lightning fast and met my friends downtown.  We both said that was it for the sex for evening.  We were high on afterglow and spent.

An excellent meal and drinks and cupcakes and walk and conversation with our friends later and we decided to go back to my place to rest and podcast.  It was only 930 when we got back, and 1130 when I was sleepily aware of the time and planning to go to bed after another marathon session.  I was drowsily snuggling Cleveland and thinking of my little emotional jag I’d had when we first got back to my place.  Hubby bought a new bike and said nothing to me. I heard about it from friends and asked him for the info for our divorce decree, annoyed that he’d made a major purchase while we are doing paperwork on assets and debts and loans.

He sent a picture of him on his ridiculous sport bike and said he didn’t think I’d care and would I like a ride?  He said he needed it for all of his long rides.  Nobody buys a sport bike for super long rides and he looks goofy on it.  I didn’t tell him, which I’m proud of.  I can’t explain it, but his ride offer just hit me between the eyes.  I’m not shocked that he was selfish enough to buy an expensive bike while still married to me.  Do I want a ride?  Ugh.  You asshole.

I cried.  I admit it.  Much to my chagrin I cried.  I held it together when I got the message at the restaurant and I said nothing snarky to Hubby, but I broke later when it was just Cleveland and I.  He held me and it passed.  It was this wave of grief, and I felt better after I’d cried.

Cleveland and I talked a little more and eventually joked and talked of lighter things, including a really fun fantasy and then got carried away again.  When we were all done and readying for bed I was crashing hard, barely able to keep my eyes open, and I saw that it was 1238.  Oh Cleveland, you naughty monkey.  I don’t want a single sexual thing right now.  I’m still utterly sated.  Thank God I don’t have a date until Wednesday.  🙂


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