This past weekend we all went to PolyCamp.  It’s an event that started as a way for kids of poly families to meet other polyfamilies and feel less weird.  It has expanded and has an adults section and events too now.  It offers a ton of classes and workshops on a ton of stuff, and takes place in Millersylvania Washington.  Image

Traveler, Peaches, Cleveland and Cleveland’s wife and I all went.  Originally I thought it would be just me, but then Peaches wanted to come and then Traveler did, and then Cleveland and his wife became interested and well.. I have almost my whole little murder.  (“Murder” is the name the rest of my “polycule” or group of people in my dating circle and their dating circle have decided they would like to be called.  They didn’t like the poly word polycule and settled on murder, like a murder of crows.  I like it.)  We were missing Traveler’s wife.  She had to work and doesn’t much care for poly events.  She’s tried them a lot and it’s not the right fit for her.  We’ve already decided next time we’ll do our own little thing with Traveler’s wife and a little alcohol and maybe a hot tub.  🙂

The campground was awesome, the food delicious and the people very nice.  It was really different than I thought it would be, but it was pretty fun anyway.  I figured we’d hit a few classes and that we’d split up the nights and have some sexy adventures too.  We didn’t.  We all hung in a big pack pretty much the whole time, and honestly I’m not complaining.

We arrived Friday a little late because of epic traffic and well.. Traveler.  Shhh.. don’t tell him I said that.  Actually it was totally not his fault.  He DID make us leave very late, but the traffic was horrible no matter what.  Cleveland and his wife left on time and still suffered the bad traffic (though they did get dinner).  Hehehe.

We settled in and meandered around a bit, discovered the coed bathrooms, and explored the sexy time cabin, and decided to take a dip in the lake.  We got all suited up and got in, except Traveler who was cold.  He doesn’t have a lot of body fat and is easily chilled.  Cleveland encouraged skinny dipping and had his trunks off before he hit the water, and us girls quickly followed (in the water).  Traveler wasn’t too hard to talk into disrobing either, brave soul, and he stood knee deep in the water utterly naked.  It was pretty damn cold in the lake, and quite dark, but the sexy pleasantness of laughing and playing naked in the lake kinda set the tone for the weekend.  Traveler was such a good sport too, even not really in the lake.  LOL.  He did a few poses for us, including a really funny Captain Morgan pose that may have been the highlight of the weekend for me.  God he’s fun.

We eventually got out and back to camp and settled with Trivial Pursuit and some snacks by lantern light.  Traveler, Peaches and I had hoped to put a couple of beds together so we could sleep together, but we’d had roomates move in while we were sleeping and they’d taken up most of the floor and part of Traveler’s space and we couldn’t figure out how to do it without blocking the door, so we all slept separately.  It was hard not to crawl in either Traveler or Cleveland’s beds, but you know.. you don’t want to spoil the good vibe we all had.


Millersylvania State Park Kitchen

We’d talked about splitting up the nights where Traveler could take off for a few hours with one or the other of us, and I know Cleveland and I had hoped to sneak away (with permission) for a little bit too, but there just wasn’t ever a good way to do that.  Cleveland and his wife probably could have done it with no awkwardness, but there was no way either Peaches or I could have snuck off with Traveler without it being odd.  I think we were both totally okay with it, and both really wanted alone time with him, but it just didn’t seem like it could happen and none of us took initiative.  I think if we take another trip we need to just plan ahead like.. this is your night and this is mine or whatever, or maybe just accept no dates when it’s all of us.  It’s not like it killed us.

It was a little harder with Cleveland.  He and his wife are pretty new.  She’s playing with a few guys here and there, but she’s not really having or seeking relationships with them and I wanted to kinda let her and Cleveland take the initiative in what they feel comfortable with.  Obviously she and her husband were there together, so there was far less opportunity to hold hands or get a little kiss or a brief snuggle.  I think I may have swung the pendulum too far away and been a little too distant to Cleveland in deference to his wife.  He pulled me aside Saturday and asked for a little time.  We spent a good 15 minutes or so kissing and catching up.  I’m still learning  how to act.  I’ve spent a good deal of time around my lover’s loves now, but it seems that they are all different.

I didn’t mind Hubby sitting with or holding hands with or being affectionate with RollerGirl.  I don’t feel weird or bad when Peaches and Traveler kiss or hold hands or sit together or have a moment.  I never mind or feel anything about my boyfriend’s affections with their wives.  Peaches and I are comfortable grabbing Traveler’s butt or cozying up to him around each other.  We’re often affectionate in each other’s presence.  We’re not weird about it, like swapping spit or climbing in his lap or anything.. lol.. but you know, we’re comfortable.

I’m getting more there comfortable about affection around Traveler’s wife, though I tend to be less so around her.  I don’t know.  It’ just feels like she’s his WIFE and when we are all together he is with her, you know?  It’s just how things seem I guess.  She is encouraging though, like one time I’d had a bad day and we all went to eat Indian food and she’d suggested he sit by me and give me loves because I needed them.  She’s been doing this a long time and I think she’s worked through any of those issues she might have had long ago.

So.. it was a pretty chaste camping trip, but I have to say it was really lovely and bondy.  Our little group travels well together, something we all noticed and commented on.  I think it’d be really fun to rent a vacation rental or cabin somewhere and take another trip with a few more people and have some fun.

We just had such a nice relaxing time.  We swam and laughed, took out canoes, paddleboarded, walked, fell asleep in the grass, bonded over our mutual sleepiness from snoring cabin-mates, played games, flirted, joked and just generally had a pretty nice time.  It was nice to get to know Cleveland’s wife.. who is so awesome!  She’s so funny and smart and fun to be with.  She’s really easy going and saucy and nice and has a wickedly great sense of humor.  She’s just lovely.  We’d met before, of course, but getting to know her was so nice.

I smiled a lot this weekend.  We would have undoubtedly made more friends if we’d hit more classes and such or mingled more, but I think we just were all so content with what we were doing that we stayed in our own little bubble.  I guess it wasn’t a true polycamp experience, but it was a really fun polycamp none-the-less.  😀


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