There.  Now all you people that find my blog while searching for NSPP or the Nerdy Seattle Poly Posse are finally finding the right place.  I’m a member. 😉


    • Hi there. Thanks for commenting. NSPP stands for Nerdy Seattle Poly Posse and it’s a group of poly people that meet up for events and fun things, for the most part. They require that someone brings you to an event in order to join. Ask your poly friends, and loves, and if that fails, try one of the meet up groups from meet up.com to meet more poly folks and find someone who is a member to attend something with. Hope to see you at stuff. 🙂


  1. Be careful…I know a male member that are HSV positive in your group that don’t share that information with his sexual partners.
    I’m not poly but I believe people should protect themselves and just making you aware.


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