Rocking my Socks


Cleveland rocks my socks in every way you can have your socks rocked.Image

We had a date last night.  We had a good talk about everything going on as we drove to his place.  Typical for us we got totally carried away and “fucked first”.  He asked me what I wanted and I was being shy.  It’s hard for me to ask for kink.  I feel like a do-me queen.  It’s one thing to ask for him to fuck me here or there or this way, because he conceivably receives pleasure from that.  But to ask him to flog me or tie me up or whatever feels… selfish.  I hate asking for selfish things.  Shit.  It took years of work to admit how much I like sex at all.  To admit I want to be pleasured for my own selfish glee?  It’s the same reason I almost never ask for head.  I do ask Cleveland for head though sometimes, but only because he clearly LOVES it.

ImageAnyway.. I finally choked out that I wanted him to flog me, and oh he did.  Yummy.  Yummy.  Yummy.  God I have been craving that.  He pulled out some clothes pins and had some fun too.  Delicious.  It had been a hard day and I’d been tense with all the stuff with Peaches and it was such a welcome release to hold him and pet him and kiss him and touch him and taste him and love him.

ImageAfter all of our fun I was ravenous and we walked to a pub and grill.  We kissed and held hands and grinned like teenagers.  We joked about things and gazed at houses.  We nerded out on beer types and processes and shared stuff from our phones and ate over engaging chat.  I marveled at how handsome he is, loving the planes of his face and his smile, and his blush when I told him so.

I feel filled.  I feel cherished and heard and wanted and enjoyed and engaged.  I love time with him.  I love how we can be silly and serious and nerdy and hot.  Then today he sends me a text just to let me know he’s thinking of me and a kiss.  How on Earth did I become so lucky?

This alone would be more joy than I could imagine.  That he loves me too?  That I have a date with my sweet Traveler tonight AND Saturday?  That Peaches and I are joking and talking again?  My blessings seem huge today.  Socks?  Rocked.


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