Friends, Flirty Fun and Otherwise

Peaches and I made up.  Did you see that coming?  I kinda didn’t.

I think we were willing because of Traveler.  I think our love of Traveler got us to the table and our love of each other made us hammer it out.  I fucking love that woman.  I do.  She is one of my most fulfilling relationships.  I know I vented (stupidly) about her, but who here didn’t at least once feel something not so nice about someone you loved?

It’s going to take time to earn back trust and build things a little better to keep things as peaceful and good as they were.  I love our little family though and she does too, so we’re doing it.  First, we will no longer be discussing Traveler.  It’s just not healthy.  It’s unavoidable completely, but we’ll try to be pretty damn close.

Meanwhile.. we all get by with a little help from our friends.

My friend “cockring” sent me some lovely lovely photos with which to while away the time.  I’ll admit it.  I sent some back.  Don’t judge me.  I’m that rare girl that loves cock shots, well.. of nice cocks anyway.  Don’t fret pets.  We are just friends.  He’s my naughty pic sharing flirty friend.  I love naughty friends.  I gotta admit I’m adding one or two to the spank bank though.  He’s got a very nice cock.  Sue me.

And I just wanted to give a couple a better name than Peach’s friends.  I will not be writing anything further about them here to protect their privacy, but I wanted you to know that Peach’s friends names are Fisherman and HippyChick.  Welcome silent HippyChick and Fisherman.  🙂

Oh.. and as an aside.  It was drawn to my attention that Dragon’s name could have been seen as negative, as in she’s like a big bad dragon, but that is NOT why she is named Dragon.  To clarify, she was named Dragon because she has a head of fiery red hair and wears flowing things.  She made me think of fiery flowing dragons, like you see in tattoos and such.  Dragon is supposed to be a GOOD name.


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