Travel Plans

I’m excited to have travel plans.  I am looking forward to camping with Traveler and his Wife and a trip to Portland with Cleveland.  Last weekend Traveler and I were planning a night away with a hike and an overnight somewhere, and the poor man had meetings…. all weekend… at 7 am!!!!  I’m lucky we had a date at all.  We kept it low key and it was marvelous, and we rescheduled for this weekend.  Then we put off and put off talking about the plans and I’m pretty sure we aren’t over-nighting anywhere.  I was disappointed for like 7 minutes. 


Sunny Day Snuggling by Pettyart

He’s got the house to himself because he has oodles of chores to do and I’m thinking I’ll help.  I don’t have a yard and don’t do yard-work so it’s kinda novel for me.  Plus I like working with him.  I like doing boyfriendy things with my sweeties.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to yummy dinners and taking walks and going out and staying in with games in our undies and fun intimate times and naughty sexy-time fun.  But honestly I don’t get a lot of the boyfriendy time because time is so precious.  If you have one night a week with someone and maybe a little midweek video game time, you don’t usually do all the mundane every day stuff during that time.  You tend to give them a little more attention.  I love this.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE this.  It’s nice to have a relationship where most of your time together is full on “us” time.  There are HUGE advantages to that. 


Big Easy Neighborhood by Diane Millsap

But I have to say I miss the mundane stuff sometimes.  It’s nice to have someone to chat to while you fold your laundry or grocery shop or run to home depot.  It’s nice to hold hands and run errands on a Sunday or work on your laptop next to them as they doze watching a game.  If I miss anything about monogamy, being in polyamory and not in a primary relationship, it’s that little every day intimacy of sharing a life.  I don’t know if I’ll ever live with anyone again.  I don’t know what that would look like if I did.  I have my little daydreams of my poly family, coming in and out of the house next door, ala HBO’s Big Love, and maybe having Sunday dinners or holiday traditions.  I like dreaming about that stuff.  Whatever I do, I hope I have a little more of the mundane goodness too though.  

So getting to maybe take a hike and spend the night in one of our same old places and working in the yard together sounds heavenly. 

Of course my plans to hit Portland are pretty damn exciting too.  I will finally see Portland!  I know.. I’m a rube and it’s only 3 hours away.  Hubby and I wanted to go together and both avoided going without the other one and then it just never happened.  Well.. now it is.  I can’t wait to roadtrip with Cleveland.  I’m excited to learn more about him and roadtrips always do that.  3 hours in a car is a good time to talk about everything and nothing.  I love that about road trips.


Another Road Trip by Patty Neal

I have a lot of plans in the works and in my head.  There’s the camping, and Portland, and I’m thinking Boulder and Arizona or maybe Cleveland and Chicago too.  I likely won’t do both the Boulder/Arizona trip and the Cleveland/Chicago trip.  I’m definitely going somewhere with Traveler.  We’ve been talking about it for months and months and postponing it a lot, and I think we finally settled on either November or December hitting the road together for a long weekend or a midweek thing.  Our front runner destination currently is Vancouver but we’ll see. 

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to my midweek WoW tonight and the chance to just chill.  It’s that little taste of the mundane I find so satisfying.  I like my excitement and my everyday.  Go fun adventures and go familiar comforts!   


  1. I know exactly what you mean about missing the “mundane”. It can be hard, always being the *special occasion* or the date nighr girlfriend. I have tried to explore ways of having a little more entanglement with my beloved. A little domesticity. I don’t think we’ve quite figured it out yet. Like you, it is something I miss sometimes, not living with a partner. ~Ginger


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