Try It. You'll Like It.

I went to a “tasting” event tonight at the local kink club. It’s where a number of “tops” set up stations and do certain kink techniques. It’s a great way to learn new techniques and to sample things to see if you might like to try them more seriously. No commitment and no expectations. It’s a fucking good idea.

I’ve been meaning to get to one of these things for a year or so now and I wish I’d gone sooner. It’s awesome.


I tried needles (again), knife play, flogging, violet wand, and claws.

tasting-2Needles I have to tell you are infinitely better than you think. I LOVE needles. Needles are the MAIN reason I would like to find a play partner. I tried them a few times with Kinky Boy and they are phenomenal. There is NOTHING like the endorphin rush. Needle play isn’t what you are thinking if you don’t know what needle play is. Tiny needles, some as small as 24 or so are inserted just under the skin. The tiny ones are barely perceptible, much less hurt. And there is an instant strong endorphin rush. You can lengthen the endorphin rush or trigger more waves by pushing on the needle insertion site afterwards. Holy guacamole. To envision it.. picture the feeling you get from running or of an intense workout. It’s like that.. but you’re just sitting or lying there. Amazing. You skin flushes and you feel a wave of heat and tingles and then a caramel smooth rush. It gives a shaky and intense pleasure. The guy doing them wasn’t really into girls or I would have totally kissed him. Good Lord. I need to get a needle kit and do this and I need someone to do this to me and then fuck me. I previously worried that maybe they were just so awesome because of the dynamic between Kinky Boy and I, but no. They are just awesome. The needle top also used these little acupuncture pins that are kinda like a little square band-aid with a tiny needle. Wonderful. I will order these the second I remember what they are called. He also used lancets and those were less fun but really a big rush. Needles. mmmm. He scratched me with a lancet which did hurt and stung after, but was also a rush. This last bit is what I think people are thinking of when they think of needles. I don’t think I’m as much of a fan of scratching. Plus it bled quite a bit.
tasting-3Next I tried claws. My sweet friend J made out with me for just a minute or two so I’d be comfortable taking off some of my clothes. Isn’t she a sweetie? There are definitely worse things that hot sexy young women. Relax. She’s 30 in a few months. She’s not THAT young. I just like her. I really do. I like her for her fun enthusiasm and warmth, and it does not hurt that she’s incredibly sexy, with luscious curves and very voluptuous breasts. She kisses pretty fucking fantastic too.

I started by just taking off my top and unbuttoning my jeans. Claws are lovely. They are these semi sharp metal things you wear on the ends of your fingers and a good deal of sensations can be made by gently dragging your “claws” over people or scratching them with one more intensely. It was nice. Halfway through, the guy doing them said something about how it was too bad he couldn’t do them to my legs and wouldn’t you know I popped up and took my pants off too? Yummy. I must get a set of claws and take turns with my sweeties wearing them. It gave me tingles.

Next station I was called on was knife play. I’d looked forward to this one as it was the one my new friend was working. SJ and I met almost a year ago on OKC and briefly kept in touch on Fetlife (think kinky facebook) and briefly talked a bit. Things were a little crazy for me at the time and we just kinda lost touch. I ran into him a few weeks ago at the club and had a nice conversation and planned to meet up with him at a party. He was sick and couldn’t make it and it wasn’t super clear to me if this would be a date or friends hitting an event together. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have anything more than nice conversations with him either yet. But there is some kind of interest there I will admit. I can’t explain it. I by no means mean to say that he isn’t attractive. He’s very cute. It’s more that I don’t know yet, but there is some kind of chemistry there for me at least and it’s creating an attraction. This became evident with the knife play.tasting-5

I took off my shirt and was a little self conscious about my belly. I started facing away from him, with the back of the chair to kinda hide behind. A few seconds in though I forgot my belly and my nervousness. Wow. In knife play you don’t generally cut anyone. You kind of drag the tip or the flat or the back across the skin creating a variety of sensations. He had a small bunch of knives and did a variety of stuff with them and my body reacted to the sensations with rushes and tingles and sighs. I pulled up and gasped once or twice, and once giggled kinda funny. We got pretty into it and a few people watched. You know that kind of drunken stupor and hyper awareness of intense pheromones? I didn’t have my eyes open much at first, lost in sensation. I opened them when I heard someone say wow after I gasped. It intensified things to be exchanging that energy with him and to watch it affect a woman watching. SJ got into it too and there was a kind of electricity. It was coming off of me and off of him in waves, and when I shuddered. It was this intense symbiosis.

He turned me to face him and I stared in his eyes a bit, aware of everything and connected to everything. I felt him and those watching and my own body reacting. He was not hurting me at all but I had adrenaline and endorphins anyway. There’s something pretty awesome about the warmth of his hands and the cool of the steel blades. He said “this is where I would normally kiss you, but this is just a tasting”. I grabbed his leg between mine, us still sitting in our close and facing chairs and a minute later he asked if he could take my hand and make me touch him. I nodded and he put the back of my hand against his cock while he traced his knife down the inside of my arm. I could feel my effect on him and I grabbed his leg tighter between mine. I was very aware of the waves of heat we were putting out and I could hear people breathing, even with the music and all of the people moving about and trying things. I didn’t move my hand or break our gaze and he kept holding my arm as the knife kept moving. Delicious. And then the tasting was over. He thanked me and I thanked him and we kissed, just a soft brushing of lips. He said I was amazing and that he hoped I could tell the effect I’d had on him. Of course I could. I sat there a second catching my breath and radiating waves of heat. He said he’d like to try this again sometime, not at a tasting and I said I would too. I stood up and backed away and he took a minute before he called the next person. A woman that had been watching him most of the night said “that was amazing. It’s wonderful to watch when that happens. Wow. The intensity. So beautiful. Your body just embraced the knife.” It was a woo-woo thing to say and when she said it I felt the utter truth of her words and only later thought of the woo woo’ness of it.
tasting-6I went and watched some other tastings and came back to Earth and then was called up to the violet wand. I took off my shirt and my bra with no self consciousness and I layed back on the table with my hands over my head and my pants unbuttoned. He played a minute and then turned the machine up and tantalized me. I held part of the machine, electrifying me so that sparks danced between his hands and my arms and stomach and breasts. He pulled out a dozen things, beads and mylar braided into a rope and a metal flogger and metal tools. He even used a set of Christmas bells, which were intense. I jumped a tiny bit from the pleasure/pain of it and he asked if it was too much and I said no it was exactly the right amount. I liked it pleasing and hurting me a little. We had so much fun, grinning at the sensations.

I finished the night out being the last person on the flogger. It’s just amazing the variety of sensation a handle and leather straps can make.

I was sort of keyed up and dazed after that and I wished Cleveland had come with me. I’d had a nice dinner beforehand with Cleveland and enjoyed talking to him. Near the end I checked in with him to gauge how he was feeling about me going to this tasting without him and gauging if it would be okay if I ended up finding play partners over time, a thing that looks more likely as I explore this stuff. He said he trusted my judgement and that he finds it hot. Maybe he’d even like to watch sometime if I did certain things. I could see that he was being honest. I’d kissed him and marveled at him and at my incredible good fortune.

I grabbed by sweatshirt from the coat room at the club and prepared to go out into the rain and SJ came in the coat room to say goodbye to me again and to ask me the best way to reach me. He has my phone number and I told him to use that. We hugged a warm goodbye and I drove home smiling.


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