I'm baaaack

I finally made it to Portland and I really had a great time.  Traveling with Cleveland was lovely.  He’s an easy-going fun guy.  I think it’s still new for him to sleep with someone new and it was disorienting to be somewhere new too, so he slept pretty poorly and therefore I did too, but other than that and a glitch at the sex club, it all went off without a hitch.

southland whiskeyWe had yummy meals and great talks and some very nice naughty lovin’.  It was nice to have so much time.  We had time to just be leisurely and present.  We had time to talk a great deal and had oodles of kisses and pets and snuggles.  We were able to talk and talk and talk, and we talked about everything and nothing too.  It was so very good.

We talked getting ready for the swing club and how it went and about our tiff in our podcasts, which will post here soon.  It’s a two-fer, with one podcast made before the club and one made when we got home.  The short and long of our maiden swing club voyage is that we had a great time with a fritsy bit in the middle.  We worked it out pretty quickly and had amazeballs sex together in the couple’s room, soaking up the sexy vibe of all of the other couples there and enjoying the sights and sounds around us and enjoyed those enjoying us too.  Very cool.

Back at our room later, having had a great time with a bad patch in it, we made the second pod-cast, which helped us talk it out a little more, and fell asleep happy and resolved.

I don’t know that I will be a good swinger, which works because I don’t really want to swing all the time anyway.  I like the idea of meeting sexy people and having adventures, but I’m not great at hooking up with strangers in loud clubs dancing.  It’s just not my zone.  I was best at the talking bit at the food area and upstairs in the mingling spot by the other bar.   This is more my speed I think.  If I am a swinger at some point I think it’ll be more of the mingling and talking to people and going to parties with friends and friends of friends kind of thing, or meeting people by chatting.  I’ve never been one to hook up with people I met by dancing up on them.  It’s just not my speed.  I don’t know.  I know it was fun though and I’ve always wanted to go and see a place and now I have.  Hell.. I had amazing sex in one now while watching and being watched by like 20 people.  I think it still counts if it was with the guy I brought in.  It still counts.. right?



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  1. Seems like most people who go to these clubs take drugs like Mollies. If this is true, and you and Cleveland were not , I can see why it might not have been as exciting as some say it is. I mean it seems like every thing is sexy and hot when one is using speed-type drugs. btw, I don’t use any drugs at all in case you’re wondering.


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