Little Bits

I haven’t written this week because I haven’t had much to say and didn’t have any burning topics.  I thought I’d do a quick little bits and pieces post though of little things that weren’t a whole post.


a) I was exhausted and happy returning from Portland with Cleveland.  We had a great time and it was just so damn nice to take that trip with him.  Yay.  🙂

b) I got to have a relaxing Sunday dinner with Traveler after my return.  Traveler’s wife had a date, so he asked me if I’d like to eat and watch some football.  I’ve really been getting into football for some reason and craving it, so this was double nice, because you know.. I like Traveler a whole lot too.  I came over and made a simple dinner of pesto, sausage and rotalini.  We had some lovely conversation while I cooked, and the game was kinda meh, so we snuggled and watched Game of Thrones and played just a little WoW.  This may have been the first time ever that I had a date with Traveler and didn’t remotely feel like having sex.  We had previously joked about sexual favors in return for him spilling the beans on what happened next on the show, and he laughed pretty hard when I said that night that I’d offer something else for plot spoilers because I was too tired for sex.  I think he was genuinely shocked that I, (ME!) would ever say I was too tired for sex.  I was exhausted and soaked up the relaxing chilling and snuggles.  I think it was exactly what we both wanted.  They were perfect.

c) I’ve been supporting a friend dealing with an immense amount of drama from his relationship and I’ve been contemplative about that.  They just keep signing up for it, and it’s cost them dearly, but they never give it up and pay and pay and pay.  Why do we do that?  I’ve done it too.  I just listen now.  I’ve asked how much it’s gonna take.  What are you willing to pay for this?  After my last year I’m gun shy of even dramatic play partners.  I have peace and calm in my life now and I will not soon give that up.  I’m perfectly happy to talk about feelings or hash things out.  It’s not all conflict I hope to avoid, but I do shy away from lots of drama now.  I’m not so down to deal with people not dealing with their shit.  We all get grouchy or jealous or fearful or whatever sometimes.  I appreciate people who can just own it, process it, seek support, and deal with it.  I’m more than happy to talk about my or your icky feelings.  I am done with getting beat up for them though.  I can’t stress enough how much I treasure the honest, open, clear communication in my life though.  I hope I never again take it for granted.

d) Work is nuts and I wish I had a few more friends.  I’ll be working on that balance in my life.  The place I work is undergoing the big gigantic national survey and inspection it periodically receives and everyone is CRAZED.  I’ve worked a ton of overtime lately and even been dreaming about this damn inspection.  I need more friends I can just call for happy hour after work to talk about everything and nothing.  I am blessed with some lovely friends and I’ve been calling them.  I need to do that more.  I wish Ph.D lived closer.  I need a Thai food buddy.  Oh.. wait.. I have one.  I  need to call  her!

e) I’m getting some interest from some potential kinky fun-time friends.  Hmm.. very cool.  One is a sexy young thang from the club that generously made out with me before I played that one night and before the tasting event.  I need to be turned on for play and she is just the dog’s pajamas for helping a gal out.  She’s fucking foxy but it’s not clear if we’d ever play together or not.  We’ll see.  Another is a cute guy I’ve met a few times at the club and thought was a sub.  Turns out he’s kinda a new top.  He just said he’s interested and I’m thinking about it.  Another is a very experienced Dom and seemingly pretty cool person that I have some sizzling chemistry with.  He’s got amazing eyes and might be a potential play partner.  We’ll see.  And on a twist.. a guy who rejected me confessed he’s thinking about being open to the possibility of more with me.  This is surprising and I’m a little cautious about it.  I’m not into chasing, so he’d have to have some real interest.  I’m not convincing anyone.  I also don’t know what he’d want and I’d have to figure out if I’d want that too.  It’s fun to have some bubbling interest, but like my friend says “don’t count your kinky chickens before they hatch”.. you know?  Eh.  It’s a fun spot to be in, enjoying some potential and feeling no pressure and no driving need.  If something happens, well great.  If nothing happens, well great.  I’m just having fun getting to know people and enjoying friendship too.

Well.. there it is.  A bunch of bits and bites.  Mmm.. bites.  🙂

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