Podcast 9- After the Swing Club


Podcast 9- After the Swing Club 

Cleveland and I talk about the aftermath.  What we liked, didn’t like, what happened and what we’d do different next time.  Will there be a next time…?

Click on the word “podcast” above to stream for free and find out.



  1. Hi there, this is the first one of your podcasts I listened to. Great job you two, I was really impressed. It’s neat how aware of yourselves you are, how well you communicate, and how you work things through.
    A few of my reactions:
    1. Portland is a young town and, it’s true, there are a lot of hotties. I can imagine it being cliquish at a place like that.
    2. It was so interesting how you both placed yourselves in the crowd. There was an interface of how you view your selves as individuals, and how you each remembered the crowd differently. I love Cleveland’s statistical metaphors. I think about the bell curve all the time (in fact my whole job is based off it).
    3. From what it sounded like, if I were there, I’d also think the music was too loud. It makes sense that probably is how the young Portland hotties hook up- on the dance floor. I too would rather be able to talk, even though I like to dance. Maybe there are other nights when the music is not so loud? I know that people have smaller, more private swinging house parties (I don’t know people who have such parties, I just know they exist)


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