That was a Whole Lotta Fun

I made out with three hot women last night. I even got some boob action. I told them I was going to blog that. It was pretty innocent fun, but it was fun. Peaches and I planned to meet up with Traveler’s Wife for a catch up and gal pow-wow. Sadly she’s been working and is busy as hell, so she said maybe another night. ImageFor this next part to make sense I have to introduce new characters. There is TexDom, a guy I met on OKC a long time ago and have since befriended. There is his gal, who has become a friend and who I will now refer to as….Fishnet. And there was their girl pal from Canada who I will call Liberty.

ImageSo, I, Peaches, TexDom, Fishnet and Liberty met up in my neighborhood and had some drinks and snacks. We had a lot of drinks. I am still of course a light-weight. I had a Manhattan and half of a 7 and 7. I had maybe a quarter of a Black Mamba, and half of another 7 and 7, and a half of a Sapphire and Sprite..or some kind of clear soda. I also had lots of sips of everyone else’s everything. I was definitely feeling it. I was being smart and nobody was driving and I ate, and nobody got sick or drank to any ill effect, but yes, we were feeling it.

At some point Peaches and I made out to be funny and send pics to Traveler, who was at a music festival out of state, and that kinda kicked off a thing. Then Liberty and Fishnet were making out. Liberty and TexDom were cuddling. It was all innocent fun I think, but it was really fun. When we left we stopped at a cash machine and there I kissed Liberty a couple of times and Fishnet and I kissed too. I was pretty stoked about this development and joked about it most of the way home. “Three hot girls kissed me!”, I sang. In any normal world sans liquor I don’t think either Fishnet or Liberty would have kissed me, because they are beautiful and sexy young women, and Peaches is straight, but I certainly didn’t mind benefiting from some tipsy lip-locking.

ImageI don’t have too much ill-effect today either except maybe a little body ache and some fatigue. I’m certainly not drinking to excess again any time soon, and I’m a little embarrassed at what was an immature and silly way to have acted, but you know… it was fun. I’m sure I did seem kinda goofy, but I’m not sure I’m too worried about it. I’m okay with every now and then having some ridiculous fun with my friends. It’s just another part of my fun little friend-ai-ssance. Long live sexy girl kisses among friends.


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