Cold Camping

I stole the title.

Contract: NRSO Park: 73943I went camping in the Cascades with Traveler, Traveler’s Wife, her bf, his wife and a bunch of other cool people.  I finally met Traveler’s Wife’s boyfriend too.  He’s great and so good with her.  I only realized when I got home that this sounds like a pretty bizarre group to hang out in.  Funny how not that super long ago I’d marvel at the comfort of hanging out with the people you love and the people they love.  I’d think how weird it was that it wasn’t weird. Now it’s just one of those lovely little things in my life I accept without always thinking of.

It was apparently a much smaller crew this year than previous years, but it was awesome.  I was a little shy, but it was just the nicest and most welcoming group of people.  They knew how to party and relax and have a great time on a cold mountain camping trip.  They put a ton of work into it and it showed.  There was a lodge with a generator, fairy lights, and a very cool music set up.  There was a raging bonfire and a mountain of trees we burned.  There was a cuddle pile with a heaping mound of pillows.  There was even a birthday celebration and a pinata.

There was just all of these little great things.  It was nice to bond more with Traveler’s Wife, and lovely to spend so much time with Traveler.  I got to ride with him there and back, which I totally didn’t expect, and I enjoyed that magic road-trip-time for talking.  I got to sleep snuggled up to him for warmth and comfort, which I also didn’t expect.  I was happy and looking forward to it when I was getting to be a third wheel and hang out with Traveler and his wife and meet cool people.  That I got to do all of that AND I got such lovely time with Traveler was just heaven.  I even got to relax with them tonight and have a nice dinner and watch some football.  It was just.. lovely.  I found myself just grateful for each small thing.  I was so grateful for yummy Manhattans and fun games and delicious cabbage and little kisses and sexy plans and petting.. so much petting.. All the People and all the PETTING!

camping lodgeI got my period the night before the trip and was pretty bummed.  I had found out that day that Traveler’s Wife would be in her boyfriend’s tent and I was looking forward to sexy times being on the table for the camping trip.  But sex on the first day of your period in a tent with no running water or showers or ability to really clean up after is not my idea of a good time and it’s sure as hell not Traveler’s. To his credit, when I told him, he pretty much shrugged and said he’d look forward to snuggling.  I did too.  He could win the snuggle Olympics.  It was perfect.  Just perfect.

I’m left after this weekend of smiles and touch and sharing and snuggling and petting and kisses and hugs feeling.. LOVED.  I love them so much and I feel like they love me.  I loved seeing the kindness and care and deep affection and sweetness they have for each other.  I loved my own affection and the joy of seeing Traveler so well loved.  For clarity, Traveler’s Wife and I are not dating and are not sexual, but I love her and she’s told me that she loves me.  And we love Traveler and he loves us.  We seem to have a genuine affection.  Such an amazing gift.

I don’t mean to be all gushy.  I can’t help it.  I just feel good, tired and good.  It was cold and I don’t think many of us got much sleep, and poor Traveler came home with congestion, and now there is the mountain of post-camping work, but I can’t help but sit here drowsily happy.

bathroom camping


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