Sex Podcasts

Cleveland and I had this really great date last night.  It was just.. lovely.  I think he felt super relieved that he and his wife recently had a wonderful conversation and he was just more relaxed. We had good talks and pets and snuggles and enjoyed some margaritas and Mexican food.

We came back to my place and made a podcast and I asked to hear the accidental recording of us having sex and the one we purposely made when we realized what had happened.  The accidental one was pretty hot until the part where we’d realized my nipple piercing had come out and we scrambled to find it before the hole closed.  It was breathy and kinda sexy listening to me giving him head, him breathing “fuuuuuck” as I did this or that, the sounds of me loving it, and him begging me to fuck him because he was getting close.  You could hear us coming together and getting lost in it.  I have never recorded myself having sex via audio or video, and I’ve worried that it would make me self-conscious to do so. But honestly it was fucking hot.  We both got turned on listening to it.  You could hear the pleasure of it and us trying to be quiet and doing pretty well.



We listened to the on-purpose one next.  At first you can tell that we are aware of the recorder and then you can tell when we forgot.  This one was a little more pressured and it was after we’d found my piercing and got it back in, and we’d rekindled where we’d left off.  I was a little embarrassed of that one.  I wasn’t aware that I talked that much during sex or the things I said.  I know I think some of that, but I hadn’t really thought I said it.  I giggled and hid my face at a few points.  It was hot too honestly, but a little more embarrassing.

After we listened we kind of attacked each other.  He was more take-charge and aggressive and it frankly was crazy hot.  We laughed later at the freaking meta of it.  Sex bloggers making a sex podcast and then listening to themselves in a SEX podcast and then having sex.  Heh.

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