I Am Still Smiling

**Please don’t read this one if frank talk of sex with me or my partners is upsetting**


I am still grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. I can’t and don’t wish to give details (WHAT?!?!? I know), but last night was awesome. It inspired awe in me, and funnily enough not just the parts you’d expect. Traveler and I met up with my friend Amelia (so named because she is an adventurer). We had a nice super cheap dinner, laughing at ourselves because we were surrounded by normal diners, and our conversation kept veering off to where we had to speak in code. We were laughing like old friends. I had been hoping there would be chemistry and there was. Amelia is very sexy and loud and fun, and I didn’t know if that would appeal to Traveler, but she’s also curvy and cute and a little vivacious, so I think it did. We left the Pho place and hit a kitschy restaurant bar. They didn’t have any of the things Amelia was asking for, but the conversation was fun.

It started to be more flirty. I think all parties were in a kind of simpatico place that it’d be fun if something could develop a little slowly and that this night was more of an investment in future fun, laying the groundwork and building and fanning an attraction. We hit another pub, and they carried what Amelia wanted but had just run out. She was able to get something more in her wheelhouse though, and this time we picked a cozier booth. Amelia and I were petting by the time we’d arrived at the second place and kissing in short order. It was amazingly sexy to enjoy her thick hair and Traveler’s soft skin and the kisses and chemistry.

I really liked Traveler’s attitude about everything. He wasn’t pushing a single thing. He seemed very open but utterly unassuming. It’s exactly the way you’d like a guy to be to have a beautiful threesome. He was sexy and fun and interested but let Amelia take the lead, choosing her level of involvement with everything. He was so charming and so sexy. Every time he went to the bathroom Amelia and I sang his praises and/or necked. I don’t know what they thought or felt, but I liked the chemistry I felt on all sides.

We went back to my house to hang and cuddle and pet. Things snowballed, with Amelia kind of driving it, and I had the distinct pleasure of being the monkey in the middle for a while. As in most things, Traveler was thoughtful. He let her try what she was interested in and comfortable with, and occasionally played the supporting role. He was so beautiful and sensual. I absolutely reveled in his passion.

She was just so lovely, her curves and her kisses and her naughty naughty knee that started everything. I like her, as in beyond the sex, as a person. She’s just so damn fun to be around and I love her sensual and sexual and open nature. I loved kissing her full rich lips and tasting her skin with my hand pulling back on her thick rich hair. I loved how we all just kinda spiraled out.

It was one of those perfect kinds of things that just flowed wherever it wanted to go, with all of us. Nobody seemed driven to a goal or seemed to have an agenda. It was just natural. She said (and is allowing me to quote) that “it was spontaneous which is what make it great. Looking forward to hanging out again :)”.

Afterwards, when we all lay together grinning like idiots I just felt this wave of immense gratitude. It was so pure and unadulterated. I was humbled. Amelia cuddled and pet a bit and then headed home, texting us to let us know she’d made it safely home. I checked in with Traveler, knowing that it had been amazing for him too, but wanting reassurance. It’s weird that I do that sometimes with my partners, want reassurance when I have been so open or so passionate or so in my sexuality, needing to hear that it is okay. Returning to thought and leaving that place of purity, I want to know that everything is still okay with us. I’ve had a lot of backlash in the past, to the way I’ve opened up or the way I liked this too much or reacted to that. It’s hard, because in those moments I was being real and feeling and I don’t know how to answer for that or explain. I believed people when they’ve said they’d like me to let go and it cut to my core later when they said it was too much or the wrong kind. He held me and kissed so warmly and let me ask for that reassurance, not holding even that against me.

It felt almost like subspace, this alternate reality where I was just able to feel everything I felt and I was all open heart and mind and soul. I felt love pouring out of me for him, thick but smooth like thinned molasses from the moment in the bar when he dropped his glass a little and splashed himself and just laughed and took it all in stride, with such class, to the moment I just gushed on top of him, aching with the joy of how he came, to petting his soft warm skin as we drifted to sleep entwined.

Amelia was a treasure, for herself and all that she was, and it was amazing to make her breath shudder in my ear, but I was surprised at what she brought out in Traveler and I too. A little bit of that small reserve in me was lifted. She tapped into a sensual and playful thing in me. I had no expectation at all and was completely following the adventure, utterly connected to them both and beyond my ever thinking mind. I went to sleep feeling warm and loved and sated and smiling. I slept and woke tangled with Traveler, never wanting to stop touching him. I’m still smiling.


  1. As soon as I read “don’t read this one if frank talk of sex…is upsetting”, I couldn’t read fast enough. What a lovely account. I especially appreciated your insight into needing that reassurance and validation when all was done. Your words stayed with me today, so I’m back to say thank you for sharing this piece of your life. It makes me feel better about myself somehow. ~Ginger


  2. Reblogged this on Indiscretions and commented:
    This post is a great description of what happens when a threesome goes right. Especially in the last paragraph. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of these types of encounters and I really believe that, when it’s good like this, inviting others into your bedroom enhances your relationships. Thanks, Seattle, for sharing. (Great picture, too!)


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