This has been a pretty good week so far. I had the best time with my little murder at Hump and at Green Porno, with Isabella Rossalini. I love extra time with Traveler and getting to see Cleveland a little extra with his wife too. I just find one day a week with Traveler really doesn’t cut it, so I’m glad we’ve had a dinner or a football game here and there, or a busy little Saturday afternoon, and even some snuggle dates that were SOOOOO satisfying. It’s a GIGANTIC bonus that I love my little murder (group of my loves and their loves). I was genuinely excited to see Cleveland’s wife too. She is so damn witty and fun to be around. Everyone kept saying afterward that Cleveland’s wife is the shit and all I could say was “I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!“. I ended the evening between Peaches and Traveler’s Wife and snuggled and pet so contentedly.


Then tonight I had a date with the guy from the tasting.. from a few weeks back. I was really looking forward to it. It’s funny because I went in with no expectations and had a really nice time. The conversation flowed pretty naturally, much as it had eons ago when we first met online and again when we re-met at the club. He keeps telling me he’s not that nice a guy, but I find him pretty likable, but then I like direct. Boss, as he shall henceforth be known, is about 10 years my senior and in a very long term triad (relationship of 3 people). He’s the top that I had the mouthwatering chemistry with at the tasting and the same one I met and talked with a couple of weeks prior when he was working the club and the same one I actually met only online about a year ago.


I was really looking forward to this date and then was a little worried I’d have to cancel. My stomach has been upset all day and all last night (unrelated), but I was able to marshal and had a very nice time. I was going to be damned if I cancelled. It was hard as fuck for us to get our shit in a sock and get together. We met for drinks at the new lounge place I discovered with Peaches. He was cute, wearing a nice burgundy shirt that looked good on him. It was surprisingly non-sexual getting to know you stuff and really cool. If it’s to be an FWB, then I can see we’d actually be friends. I like that.

It’s kinda nice when stuff is just so nice and smooth. Good conversation. Dinner. Some touches here and there and a nice little good night kiss. Pretty damn cool. It sounds like we’ll go out again. 🙂

And to finish out this week, I have a date with Cleveland and with Traveler. Good good times.

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