Having the Time

I’m on vacation with Traveler and having the nicest time.  We’re laughing and talking a lot and walking and just being.  We’ve had fun walking around and having talks over pints, enjoying history, playing WoW, having fun naughty times and just being.  I know I keep saying it, but it’s such an amazing gift of time.  It’s been nice to have nowhere to be and nothing to do.  We had the best time looking at miniatures and laughing about the snooty people at the bug zoo.  Today we watched curling and talked for a couple of hours at a pub.  We walked all day in the rain and enjoyed Canadians.  I can’t believe it’s our first trip together.  I am a huge fan.

We’ve had time to talk and talk.  We’ve had time to not talk. We have laughed and laughed and laughed.  We’ve had time to touch to our hearts content.  We’ve had time for everything.  He’s an easy guy to travel with.  I just feel so contented.  I smile and smile.  We stayed in bed till 11 today doing nothing at all after waking at 7:30 or so.  A year in and I’m still so in new love with him.  I love his skin and his smile and his goofy humor.  I love that we had a very serious discussion about jelly over breakfast this morning, discerning the possibility of saying if one jelly is really worth more than another.  Content.  Just so fucking happy.  I have to go play WoW with him for an hour or so before dinner.  We have quests.  


  1. I just got done reading through your blog…took me almost a week to do so, but glad I did! You’ve had a hell of a lot happen to you, and to know that you made it through, and did so in a way that you ended up stronger, gives me a lot of hope for my own future. Thank you for posting, and thank you for being what I was looking for…an actual, day-to-day blog from a poly aspect.


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