Getting It In

Time is so precious in poly relationships.  I’m traveling to Chicago to see my old friend today.  It’s one of the trips I’d hoped to make this year.  I’m traveling more and it’s part of that “making the life I crave” thing.  I’m not taking all the trips I’d hoped, but I am taking a few.  I got to see Portland finally and Victoria.  And I’m headed to Chicago and Phoenix.  It’s not totally responsible of me frankly because I’m using my savings for some of this, but my Dad left me a little money and I wanted to spend part of it doing something like this.  I know he’d like it that I used a little to see people I love and have new experiences.  He always said “get the power windows honey.  You only live once and you’ll never regret having gotten the power windows”.

hourglassI tried to schedule these trips when I thought my loves would be traveling anyway.  Turns out Traveler is taking a work trip for a week the day I get back, and Cleveland is going to Cleveland while I am home.  Eh.  It happens.  December is a busy month for most people.  Last year I had one date with Traveler and a couple of “quickies”.  It’s at least a huge step up from that.  I’m still getting to see my sweet boyfriends and I’ll have nice dates when we can.

I’m so happy to go see my friend and to have this adventure, but I’m also sad to miss out of time with Traveler and Cleveland, and to some degree with the new friend Boss.  I miss them already.

It has me thinking about time.  There is a popular poly saying that “love may be limitless, but time and attention are not”.  The most precious thing I give those I love and that they give me tends to be time.  I talk a lot about that, the gift of time.  It’s probably the number one way I feel loved and probably my favorite present.  I have enjoyed lots of lovely lovely time lately.

Monday I saw Cleveland for a slightly shortened date because it was sleeting and he needed to flee while he could to avoid riding home on potential ice.  It was so lovely.  We had a meal while it sleeted, lovely sex while it melted and rained, and a quick snuggle before the temperature dropped more.

Tuesday, after a class that didn’t happen, I visited Boss at the kink club where he was volunteering.  It turned out Amelia was there and I got to see her too.  Lovely pets with both of them and fun talk, a little snuggle and touch, and even a mini-scene with Boss later, I went home pretty late for me on a Tuesday.

And then last night Traveler came and spent the night with me.  He was exhausted and yawning when he arrived.  He had been running non-stop all day.  It kinda worked for me to have this low key night after my own packed day of getting things set up for my leave and packing and doing all those things you do before a trip.  We talked and snuggled, petted and connected.  I won’t see him for almost two weeks and I miss him already.  It was blissful to just be with him.  I will thankfully see Cleveland before and after his trip, but I miss him already too.

I think this is why I like things where we all hang out so much.  It’s hard to always miss someone you love.  I crave time for adventure and relaxation and love, and time for touch and talk and projects and time for steamy things and the lovely precious mundane.  I soaked up the time I got this week, grateful.  I’ll be soaking it up here and there too as we make our way through this crazy month.  Right this minute.. I’m just feeling grateful.

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