He Went There With Me

**Hey there reader.  This one is about a wonderful date and includes some descriptive talk of a date and sex with Traveler.  Just helping you make informed decisions.  M’kay?**

toy suitcaseTraveler and I had a date last night.  It was to be our only date in a three week period because of traveling schedules not aligning.  Damn you December.  I’ve been missing him something fierce.  It was really hard to be in Chicago and come home knowing we were kinda slapping hands midair as I flew home and he flew out.  I found myself pining for him.  Traveler’s wife was a total fucking gem and invited me over before she and I were to go out to have yummy dinner together and give me a chance to kiss Traveler really quick when he got home and before he went on his date with Peaches Friday night.  I got to see him and get a few hugs and kisses and we sent him off.  She and I had the loveliest evening as we ate her delicious stuffed squash and hit this magical cocktail bar in Capitol Hill.  There’s something fucking awesome about dishing with your gals.

So with Traveler, it was hard to wait till he got here for our date on Sunday.  I had the house completely to myself for the evening, a lovely rarity.  He had to take care of some things at home and I was itching for him to get here.  I greeted him at the door all gussied up in thigh-highs, garters, fuck me pumps, a verrrrrrry short school-girl skirt, an unbuttoned sweater, and lacy unmentionables.  He was very appreciative.  I kissed and hugged and squeezed him so tight and he ran to shower quickly.  toy shoesI poured the wine and met him with candles and music and pet his warm fresh skin.  We lay on the bed together and caught up a little.  I gave him a heads up about the bruises he would find.  He seemed amused and happy for me, and asked me to tell him about it, so I did.  He smiled and laughed with me, with my embarrassment and joy, as I told him about my night with Boss.  When I was done, he kissed me deeply as he teased me, with me still clothed in my little outfit.  I asked him if he was trying to make me cum because he had me so close, and he said naughtily “maybe…”.  I came a few times before I could even get my outfit off.  I don’t know what got into him!

We put down a towel, because it was clear he’d make me make a mess.  Um.  Yes please.  He proceeded teasing and tantalizing me, touching me and playing and exploring with me in all the ways he knows I love, from the sweet to the intense, and I came and came and came, surprised at him. toy leia I asked him, between his ministrations, what had gotten into him and he said “this is what you hoped for with that outfit, isn’t it?”.  Well, no.  I’d just hoped for some yummy passionate sex.  I hadn’t dreamed he’d play me like a fiddle!  I told him I’d wear ANYTHING HE WANTS.  I was already a puddle of sweat and flood and tingling nerves when he finally fucked me, so deep and lingering and so well.  I was jelly by the time we finished.  My nerves were singing too loudly to work well together any more.  We held each other and shook and kissed for a while.

Our starvation took over after a while and I made him dinner and we talked about all kinds of things.  It was a good conversation, clearing the air.

toy dinner

And then the most miraculous thing happened.  We were washing dishes and kibitzing.  He said he thought Boss had been to his OKCupid and I showed him Boss’s pic.  (They are both straight.  I am assuming this is curiosity).  He asked about Boss’s “situation” and I told him the layout as I knew it of Boss’s relationships.  I mentioned that the members of Boss’s house have their own rooms but tend to stay with each other, and he said he’d like that.  I held my breath as he explained that if he had the money he thought it’d be nice if he and the people he lived with could each have their own rooms, and then have a room that is just for the people in the house.. kind of a sacred space.  He talked about his thoughts for that room.  There was something about him talking about “the people” he’d live with that touched me.  Currently he lives only with his wife.  He has mentioned in the past that they’ve talked about the possibility of cohabitation with others, and he and I have talked about things like the realm of possibility for our relationship, but he was talking about what he’d like with the people he was going to live with and talking about the thoughts he had about how they’d do it.  It sounded like something that would happen, even if the details were still totally open.  I said “Don’t be scared, but it makes me really happy that you are talking about this”.

He smiled and kept washing.  He said it was obviously something he thinks about with me, living together and being a family.  He said he thought it made sense for us to live together not just for romantic reasons, though of course there are lots of those.  He told me a few.  He said, “you know there are good practical reasons for us to live together too, and to be a family”, and he told me some of those too.  I must have looked like kid on Christmas morning.  I was overjoyed.

homeI don’t want to get married again, but I would like to be a family, when I’ve had more time to heal, to have the people that I care about and that care about me together in some way.  Traveler’s wife and I have talked about our tribe and our people.  It was just so nice to hear Traveler talking about our little family too, and that he included me in it.  We were talking about things that are far away and we weren’t making any decisions or plans, obviously, but it was  such a heartening thing to hear my sweet man talking in a concrete way about these things with me.  I had been grasping my dishtowel, listening, and went to him and hugged him hard from behind.

We weren’t making promises or saying how it would look, but we were saying openly that we wanted it.  It wasn’t abstract.  He was talking about me and I was talking about him and we were acknowledging the family we are making and talking about little dreams we might have about it.  He was braver or bolder than I am and I’m really grateful.  I like the idea of some day.  I love that he went there.

I’m getting to see him Tuesday too after a work thing.  It won’t be a big old date, and will likely be 20 mins of snuggling followed by sleeping in his arms, but I WILL TAKE IT.  Happy.  Just happy.

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