No F'ing December

sad pussyI was laying in bed last night, alone and writhing a little, kicking myself for not bringing anything to help while I traveled.  I have this weird handicap that makes it so I generally can’t masturbate with just my hand, like a normal human.  I easily orgasm with a partner’s hand or pretty much every other regular sexual thing, but weirdly not my own hand.  I could for a while after I got my vertical clitoral hood piercing, but that’s faded.  Drats.

I had talked a bit with Cleveland, nothing very sexy.. just normal stuff, and as I lay there trying to fall asleep I was craving.  I have been a little surprised by my recent ardor until I realized.. I’ve had sex like 3 times in December.  Fucking December!  Actually… no fucking December.  😦  With all of my traveling and Traveler’s traveling and Cleveland’s traveling and the fact that … yep.. I looked up my dates over the past month and I’ve had sex 3 times in December.  The droughts have largely occurred while I’m out of town and it’s not like I take my vibrator everywhere I go, though I am reconsidering this oversight!

Worse yet, I’m not sure my drought will end soon.  I have the holidays when I get back and then a date on a Thursday with Traveler.  We’re supposed to clean and prepare for his party and then have the party itself and then I work the next day, so the likelihood of much alone time, much less much sexy time is small.  I have no dates scheduled yet with Cleveland (wah!), and my next scheduled date with boss is in late January.  twin beds

I just wanted to pout and whine a little.  Le Sigh.



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