Back to Life, Back to Reality

“back to life, back to reality
back to the here and now yeah
show me how decide what you want from me
tell me maybe i could be there for you
how ever do you want me how
how ever do you need me

show me how decide what you want from me
tell me maybe i could be there for you”   Soul II Soul.

It is finally the end of the dread December.  Traveler and his wife are home.  Cleveland and his wife are home.  Boss is enjoying some excellent time alone with his sweetie and not able to make a date yet, but soon.  The couple I befriended and miss dearly are nearly home.  My Canadian friends (Texdom and Fishnet) are home.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..  I’m so glad December is almost over.  December has made me really grateful for my normal life.  December made me very hungry for time, for affection, and for the sweet ministrations of my loves.

Why is December such a cluster?!?!?  Anyway.. it’s the salad days of catching up.  Don’t you love getting back to your home after time away?  Getting back to your routines?

I spent Christmas with my old friend and her family.  They take me in every year and I’m pretty grateful.  I love seeing them all, and the food is always amazing.. even if the hostess disparages her potato mistakes.  We ate terribly moist roast beef and caught up on life.  Before this, I got to drop by Cleveland and his wife’s house and catch up with them.  They were just back from Cleveland and I was just back from Phoenix.  We ate (too many) Christmas cookies and enjoyed some lovely company.  Cleveland’s wife is funny and witty, and I love hanging with her, and it really didn’t suck to see Cleveland too, and get in a few kisses.  🙂

I had a date with Traveler on Thursday and it was heavenly to spend some time.  We had the party smack dab in our date, so we planned a little more time this weekend when Traveler’s wife caught up with her boyfriend too.  But Thursday was good.  We planned to hit a movie and run errands and ended up running some of the errands and heading back to my place for a little petting and naked time because frankly we couldn’t wait and saw the party fast approaching.  Oh GOD.  I love catching up.  I love when he is like that.  It’s a very welcome ardor.  He said something dirty, while we were getting breathless and shedding clothes in a blur.  I won’t quote him, but he said something lovely and dirty, asking me for what he wanted, and I simply got drunk on my desire.  He doesn’t talk to me like that all the time, and I have to admit I wish he did.  I love it.  I love it when a lover is into it like that, when they just boldly tell you what they want.  I love when they are carried away.  I love it when they tell me they want me.  I love the words.  It makes me so wet, so ready.  Afterward and all evening there was petting and kisses and sweet touch.  I’m a sucker for petting.  It was so needed.  It was a balm for the last crazy month when we’d had only two other dates, one about an hour long.

The party with everyone was really good too.  Cleveland and his wife, Traveler’s wife and her boyfriend and his other girl, Peaches and her new beau, Traveler and I met at a local pub type place.  We ate local pizzas generously provided by Traveler and his wife, and had glasses of wine or beer or cider.  We opened presents and caught up and enjoyed the good company.  We played Cards Against Humanity, and soaked up the love.  It’s hard to describe, but there’s something really special about when we are all together.  I know it is hard to imagine.  But it’s just so nice to be there with our loves, together.  It’s comforting and fulfilling.  It’s beautiful seeing the love between Traveler and his wife, and between her and her boyfriend, and with Cleveland and his wife too.  It was nice watching Peaches and her beau.  Even between Traveler’s wife and I, it was lovely to enjoy her warm hugs.  It’s part of that inclusion or integration stuff.  There’s something nice about these separate parts of life coming together.  And the separate loves of mine coming together.. the romantic and the platonic and familial.  I feel lucky.

The next night (can you imagine how awesome that is!?!!) Cleveland and I had our date.  We both got out of work early and went to take care of TexDom and Fishnet’s dog.  She is the cutest husky dog you’ve ever seen, all lithe and skinny, like a seal pup.  I’ve never seen such an aquiline husky.  We walked her and talked, grinning like idiots just to be together.  He was staying the night, so we had so much time and we leisurely enjoyed it.  He pet the dog and talked to me while I caught up the dishes that were left at the house, so my friends came home to a nicer sight and after a bit we headed back to my neighborhood.  We were early, and excited to catch happy hour dinner specials and planned to play pool.  Heh.  Not so shockingly, we gave each other a quick kiss that turned to too much to go get those cheap tacos.  On went my wonderful Christmas present playing music, and off went our clothes.  An hour and a half later, we came up for air and decided to make just some noodles and jar sauce I had at the house.  We had the dinner, talking and enjoying a nice cheap bottle of pinot noir, and decided to still go shoot pool.  It was laid back, and fun to have so much time to do so many things.  It was a relief to not watch the clock.  We teased each other and laughed, and caught up on everything.  We talked a good amount while both of us were gone, but still.  We walked home and podcasted.  So restorative!

And all my little routines and my comfy bed and my friends, ahhhhhh.. finally home.  I caught up on laundry and email, and enjoyed my home and the time with my roommates gone.  I wrote a little and spent some time staring at the ceiling too, because I could, and sometimes it’s nice to do nothing.  We aren’t going to get another date this weekend, Traveler and I, because Traveler’s wife is really very sick, and he needs to be with her.  It’s all good though.  We’re all home.  She’ll feel better and catch up too, and they probably need this time too, just to be after a crazy month.  And hey.. I really caught up a lot on World of Warcraft (WoW).  Good times.  Good times.  Tomorrow Traveler and I are hoping to have a little lunch and football, but we’ll play it by ear.  I don’t want to pull him away from being with one of his partners when she needs him.  She’s so sick she can’t sit up, and I want her to be cared for and feel better.  I’m seeing my friends TexDom and Fishnet tomorrow, and worst case scenario, Traveler and I will play just a little bit more WoW.  🙂

Back to Life.  Back to Reality.  Yay!

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