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Today this blog got it’s 411th actual human subscriber.  Damn.

I have to admit I’m utterly in awe of that.

That, and visions of grandeur roam through my head.

I feel fancy.

Now, to live a life exciting enough to have enough stuff to write about…

This week I’m pretty stoked.  I get to see a little more of Cleveland and Traveler because of a very cool New Year’s Eve Party Cleveland and his wife are throwing.  The whole crew, aka “murder” is headed there and I think it’s gonna be fun.  Cleveland is making his famous cosmopolitans and I’m bringing rich delicious chocolate cake from the best bakery ever.  Peaches is bringing her new beau and some yummi sushi, and Traveler is my date.  Traveler’s Wife might even stop in if she is healed enough, though I know she may be too exhausted after her first work day back, still healing.  🙂  I love those times when we all get together.

I am unbelievably excited at TWO dates with Traveler this week and getting to see Cleveland twice too.  Wiggle.  Wiggle.  It’s funny how happy it makes me to think of two nights holding my sweet Traveler.  Happy Dance.

I’m happy to be catching up with everyone, seeing friends and lovers, and just enjoying some normal.  Even Boss is talking scheduling.. and maybe talking a little dirty…yay yay yay!

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