Getting Excited


Quinky Girl, aka Traveler’s Wife

*First, a little bid-ness*  We did a podcast tonight, and I’m happy to tell you that we sort of “outted” Traveler’s Wife in it.  She came a did a great pod-cast with us and that will post soon.  She has a poly blog of her own and I have permission to tell you about it.  Traveler’s Wife is known as Quinky Girl, and she blogs over at blogspot.  Find her blog here. *


I’m getting excited for my new apartment.  I’m so eager to get the final word and start setting things up.  I don’t like that I have to move, and I would have preferred to stay because this puts me in a little bit of a difficult financial situation, but I’m getting kinda giddy about the good bits.  

I’ve been sort of in limbo a bit, and it’s exciting to be moving forward and into my own place.  I’m nervous about living alone and all of those empty days and nights, but that’s what friends and lovers are for, right?  And I can actually enjoy having them over!!  And, I love time alone to do my little things.  I paint and write and do projects.  I like solitude, and when I don’t I can get out or reach out.  I’ll still live in walking distance to my fun walkable neighbourhood, and I will have the space to do whatever I like.  It’s my home and mine alone.

ImageI’ll set up my easel in the dining nook and my desk for writing. I’m excited at a fridge and freezer that are just mine so I can actually cook again and store food.  I’m excited to think about what I’d like my new place to be like and what I’d like to set up.  I’m getting my TV from my ex and thinking about a couch from Craigslist.  I actually spent a few hours yesterday looking at vacuums online and trying to think of what might be the best one to get.  I’m thinking about how I’d like to set things up and if I want to buy a bunch of mismatched bone china plates from the local cooking store for super cheap and make my own funky set or slowly build a nice set over time… or maybe both!?!  

There are something like 50 other such discussions in my head.  I’m not sure where to start or what stuff to get first, but I’m thinking a shower curtain is pretty high on my list.  I keep laughing at myself, debating the relative merits of vacuum cleaners and dreaming of finding the right dish strainer.  It’s not very punk rock of me, but it is fun.  


I love the idea of game nights with my people and cooking with Boss’s videos.  I can’t wait to christen my rooms and to make my first decorating choice.  I’m building my home.  I think I’m going to have a space in my bathroom for my lovers’ things, and I’m going to get mugs so I can have Traveler’s Wife (aka Quinky Girl) and Peaches over to coffee and cocktail glasses to make whiskey sours.  I’m going to invite my old Army buddy over and pick her brain about stupid things like what color to paint a wall in my bathroom, and I’m going to invite my loved ones to my next Christmas party.  I’ve long had a tradition of having the best Christmas parties.  Everyone comes from their family things or when they feel like it and we wear pajamas and sweat pants and eat too much delicious food and play games and nap and laugh and just generally have a very relaxed and wonderful time.  

When Ph.D visits in May or my friend comes from Chicago it’ll be easier to stay with me, and when TexDom and Fishnet and I hang it can be at my place sometimes.  I’ll still walk to have drinks and conversation with my good friends who are finally back from Phoenix, and still have my little routines.  

I don’t love moving and I really hate why, but I’m getting excited about this.  This could be a very good thing.



  1. Well holy crap on a cracker! I’ve been reading Quinkygirl for several weeks. I remember reading that she also lives in Seattle but it never occured to me that y’all might know each other. Lol
    Also good luck with the move. I wish you much love and innumerable happy moments in your new home.


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