Women are Hard to Get

phone numberWhy are women so hard?  Okay.. admittedly I am not the best person to ask about how to get women.  I don’t really try.  A woman has to pretty much say “I’d like to have sex with you” for me to get it.  I just assume that women are not into me before I ask, so I never ask.  Part of this is that I am dense as a fucking post when it comes to hints.  I no speaky hints.  If you are coy and I can’t obviously tell you like me I walk away thinking “I don’t wanna bother her”.  I don’t hint or allude much.  I tend to err on the side of “so this is awkward.. but I am going to say this thing I probably shouldn’t because I’d generally rather suffer consequences of saying things and knowing whatever than of not saying things”.  This of course is except when it comes to women.  With them I am baffled and say nothing. Some women say this and mean that.  They think I’ll just know.  But I don’t.  So women, you baffle me.

Women play coy.  They play hard to get.  They play at being interested in women in order to interest men but then aren’t really interested in you.. so I’m confused.  Is this her playing, or being interested, or just trying to turn dudes on? Women play.  I do not grok this.  I am not coy or subtle.  I am direct.  I am interested in you or I am not and I’m pretty clear about it. At 17 years old, my friend Kristen and I a few times walked up traveling construction crews, to dudes  in them we thought were cute and from out of town staying at this local hotel, and said “Hi there.  You are hot and Kristen and I would be interested in fucking you.. together.  Can you get the room alone?”.  Construction buddies were so supportive.  Our interest could get the room alone quite gladly.  THIS makes sense to me.

So tonight I went to Trivia with my friends and caught up on stuff and there was this cute waitress.  It’s the kinda place where the waitresses wear little tartan skirts and she was cute as a button.  I thought she was pretty fun and funny and we bantered like old friends rather quickly.  My friend said “she’s flirting with you”.  I did not believe.  Then I thought.. well.. maybe..  Then my other friend said she might be flirting too.

I tried to work up my courage and got all googly thinking of saying something.  I thought of the 400 times a day she must get hit on my lurpy drunks and thought maybe she was just trying to get a good tip.  I couldn’t do it.  My friend suggested a hilarious pick up line that I sadly have forgotten, and I said nothing.  My friends asked if they could give her my number and I said “yes please!”.  God it’s nice to have friends.

They gave it to her.  I have no idea what her situation is and I was too chickenshit to ask.  Kinda giddy that they gave her my number though.  Man, is she cute and kinda cool too.  I think I shouted “Yeeeehaww!!!” in my car when I got the text that they’d given her my number.  🙂


  1. Lol! Glad to see I’m not the only one that doesn’t “get women”. And you’re one of them! If a woman doesn’t understand other women, their subtexts, hints and misdirection, what are men supposed to do? 🙂
    Great story too! Good luck!


  2. Can I just say, I feel you pain? I generally just assume that all women are straight unless told otherwise. The other day on the bus, a woman and the guy she was with were eyeing me rather obviously, and I wasn’t sure whether they were trying to get up the courage to ask me to have a threesome, or plotting on how to knock me down and steal my handbag. Anyway, I digress. The point is, even on dating sites, I find it sooo much harder to find interested women. I got tons of responses from men and couples, but not so much as one message from another woman. I do not envy straight men– we are a tough bunch to read.

    I too met a cute girl the other night. Hopefully it works out for both you and me 🙂


  3. I have been recently too chicken shit to say something to a woman at a swinger club I found extremely attractive. In my case, my boyfriend told her I thought she was cute and her response was, “oh, that’s nice” then she didn’t look at me or speak to me at all after that. So……… my success with women doesn’t really exist.

    I am so weird about relating to women. They scare me. I have zero practice telling a woman I find her attractive and I have zero practice reading the social cues from women to know if they are interested in me in the way I am interested in them. Ugh.

    tl;dr = I know that feel. {{hugs}}


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