CSS Geeking Out

As part of my “learn to be a better blogger” thing, Cleveland is helping me learn some stuff.   I LOVE learning stuff.

So after we went to dinner, and after a pretty wonderful fucking, we lay naked, side by side, and he taught me some CSS.  It’s a computer language (I think) that lets you make stuff.  We played around with a dummy site on WordPress.org, showing me how to do the things I want to do with pages.  We were talking about abc’s really.. but it rocked.


I’ve decided to learn the technical things I can.  I’m not stupid and I’m pretty good with other sorts of technical things, so I’m feeling good about my odds.

I love this.  I love learning things and growing and I love it even more when hot naked men touch my butt while they tell me things like the difference between margins and padding.  Mmmm.. sexy geeky-ness.

It comes at a good time too.  To be honest I’d begun to be a little concerned about Cleveland and I.  I love him, and he’s a wonderful man, but I was starting to get concerned that our relationship might come to a head because we’ve quite smartly been taking it slow, but it just began to feel like it had no room for growth.  I see him once a week almost all weeks, usually on a Monday for dinner and a chat and a fuck before he runs off home.  It’s hard to think of once a week, almost exclusively weeknight and rarely ever overnight as a relationship after a while.  I’m not talking for everyone of course, but I am talking for me.  It’s okay when you are getting to know one another and when you are trying to take things slow for your partner, and I’m not yet disgruntled, but I could start to see where I could be in the not too distant future if there was never any space.   Turns out he was feeling kinda the same and wants a little more time.  He brought it up actually.  Yay for nice slow growth.  And yay for a little time to do fun geeky shit like learning a little CSS.  That man’s a marvel.  🙂


  1. Ah… CSS… I remember how CSS was when I started with web design… when I was probably… 13 years old… How far it has come in a decade and a half. I’m _amazed_ at the things people do with it now! You’ll have to show us your accomplishments! 🙂

    Otherwise, I totally know what you mean by that not really feeling like a relationship, and I am very happy to hear you’re both of the same mind with regard to growing together! 🙂


    • I’m planning on transferring my blog over to WordPress.org, if I can learn to do some things and make it like I like it. Honestly I like how it looks now, but I’d like more function. I’m playing. We’ll see. I’d also like to learn to do more in general with it, so I’m thinking I’ll hit the WordPress meetup and maybe another SEO one when I have the foggiest clue what they are talking about. I’m trying to learn right now how to tie it to my google +. I get why I want to do it, but not how. I already post there, but I need to do a link thing somehow?? Eh. I’ll learn.


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