Boss and I hit the Myself! party at the kink club again this past weekend.  If it’s not obvious, this one is gonna have some explicit sex.  😉 APTOPIX Summer StormThe Myself! party is a masturbation friendly sex and bdsm party.  Pretty much anything the club allows is allowed, and all the areas are open for watching and playing.  So, we marked another introduction off of my bucket list.  Earlier that night I was thinking “why did I schedule a date for the night after I moved!?!?!”.  I was exhausted.  I’d spent all of Saturday moving and unpacking until about 9pm.  Then I’d spent all of Sunday unpacking and getting some items from my ex-husband’s house.  Everything was sore.  Even my fingers hurt.  I wanted to cancel because I could not imagine having the energy to be sexy, but I decided to go, knowing I’d have a great time if I went. Funny how some sexy energy can make you rally.  😀 We hung out a bit and caught up, and then found a place to play.  We kissed a bit and warmed up, and we took off a bit of our clothing.  He’d brought a kink bag with him and pulled a small black box out of it.  It was a Folsom Box, an electric stimulation device.  It has two channels and a couple of knobs and switches that allow one to control the frequency and rate and strength of an electrical output.  He connected 4 tens pads (2 to each channel) and placed them on the back of my thighs/ass area and the returns on the front of my thighs.  Then, he began to play.

He increased it slowly and finally reached a point where I could feel it.  It was delicious.  I watched him watching me as the current tickled through my upper legs and my pelvis.  At first it was just warm and tickly and it got sharper and more zappy as he twisted the knobs.  He pulled out an insertable probe and my eyes got wide, which seemed to tickle him.  He did say he liked fear and I think I registered just a little.  He placed it in my panties, against my labia, and gave me a shock.  Ooh.  Delicious. He continued this way, playing, kissing me, watching me, touching me, as he increased and varied the shocks.  It hurt and felt good and hurt-good and sharp in turns.  I got very into it, reacting to shocks and petting Boss, kissing him deeply.  He sat on the couch and had me kneel on the floor before him, still wired.  And I sucked his cock while he kept playing.  I saw the men standing behind the couch, behind Boss, and I heard them as they watched me suck his cock and watched me react to my shocks.

And then I forgot about everything else.  I couldn’t see or hear if they were there.  I was all about Boss. He shocked me good then, and I pulled back cried out and collapsed on him for a second.  He grabbed me and petted me and told me “good girl.. good girl…”.  I love that.  I can’t explain it, but there’s something kinda special about being called a good girl then.  When I’m in this subby space, it feels amazing to be called a good girl.

He got up and had me sit on the couch.  He pulled off my shirt and his too, and he reached into his bag.  He pulled out a ball gag and some honey, coated the ball with a little honey and put it in my mouth.  I lifted my hair and clasped it behind my head.  It felt okay, slightly awkward, but good.  What I really liked about it though was Boss’s face.  He grinned evilly as he pulled a tazer out of the bag.

He said I had to say yes to each shock and held it against me.  My heart flubbed and I started to sweat.  I played with the ball in my mouth from the gag.  I looked at him and at the way he seemed so pleased and I said “yeshh” with the ball in my mouth.  He said “louder”.  I said it louder, again sounding like “yeshh”. He zapped me over and over again, making me say yes, and put on a condom and slid into me.  He fucked me a little, slowly, tantalizing, making me want more, and then he held the tazer against me and I tried both to shy away and push him into me more.  I’d say yes and he’d shock me and I’d stiffen and react and make sounds and he’d pound into me, fucking me hard for a few seconds, making me crazy.  He did this again and again, on the couch and the floor, on my back and from behind, and I flooded.  I’m not a gusher usually.  I tend to squirt and occasionally flood.  When I flood, I can feel it running down my ass or flowing onto them and splashing between us, or running down my legs, depending on the positions we are in.  Here, I left a nice little puddle.

He had us finish with him back on the couch and me sucking his cock.  He smelled like me, and I enjoyed the sounds he and the men watching made. After he came, he pulled me to him, and we snuggled a while, not caring that I or he were naked.  I sort of dreamily soaked up his touch while we cleaned up and put things away, leisurely and sated. Some time later, while we were still mostly naked and coming back to life, a young couple struck up a conversation and I got to watch Boss describe some things to the new young man.  His girlfriend was adorable too.  Boss asked me if I’d mind if he showed them the Folsom Box, and I thought that would be super cute and told him to go ahead.  I thought it was sweet that he’d considered me though.  It was a gesture I’d appreciated. It was fun talking to the new couple, and getting to shock the girl a bit… on her arm and then her leg.  I could understand some of Boss’s expressions then, enjoying so much making her react.  We exchanged our Fetlife info, but they haven’t contacted us.  Eh.  It’s all good.  Perhaps we’ll run into them some time at the club. Electrical play?  Yes please.  mmmm.  Zappy.


And in case you’re interested.. here are links to the goodies.  😉

A ball gag like the one I tried

Pro-adult Breathable Ball Gag with Leather Collar Bondage Kit Red Ball

The Insertable

Folsom Electric Company Folsom Insertable Electrode

The Electrode Pads

Tens Pad Kit for Folsom and Erostek – FP135

The Taser

VIPERTEK VTS-880 – 15,000,000 V Mini Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight (Black)

And a unit much like the Folsom with good ratings. The Folsom box was on Amazon. 🙂

Zeus Electrosex Handheld 8 Mode Power Electrastim Box With Black Pads


  1. I so much wanted to love electricity. Have tried probably 5 times with 3 different people and it just annoyed me. Perhaps I need to try a Folsom. Anyway, super hot story! Lucky girl! (And I’m on Fet too! Why aren’t we friends?) ~Ginger


  2. Just as an FYI, stun guns and tasers are not the same thing. I know that this is over a year old but you’ve expressed that you like to learn so I figured I’d take this teachable moment (especially since conflating the two is a pet peeve of mine much like people conflating jealousy and envy). A stun gun uses electricity that is delivered from stationary metal prongs/rods to elicit a pain response. A Taser has two prongs that eject from the device and remain connected by cords. They deliver electric shock in such a manner as to disrupt the nervous system and cause the recipient to lose control of their body. The further apart the prongs land on the body, the more effective it is as the current is better distributed. It can also be used like a stun gun via direct contact once the cartridge is expended.


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