Last night Traveler and I had a lovely date planned.  We didn’t spend it remotely how we planned and it was totally lovely.  Cleveland and I had a similar thing happen this week.  In fact, this entire week didn’t go remotely to plan, and you know.. that’s all good.  I got to see both of my sweet men more than I usually do, and I’ve had this lovely connecty stuff with Quinky Girl, and it’s exactly what I need.


Earlier this week I feel asleep on poor Cleveland.  No, not during sex, but right after.  I passed out cold.  I was so out of it I wasn’t able to really remember him leaving and I woke at 3am naked.  I never sleep naked.  All the work and all the stress of this move just kinda came to a head and I was exhausted.  Even my fingers hurt from all the packing and moving and unpacking and errands.  It had been a couple of weeks of just so much work.  So, utterly sated and warm in Cleveland’s strong arms, I feel asleep.

Wednesday I got a little extra date and some time with Traveler and Quinky, and Jonah (Quinky’s boyfriend).  We ate ridiculously good salad and pork chops with a cherry sauce and a baked potato.  We laughed and ate and just had a lovely time.  Later, she wrote about being with her 3 loves and I gotta tell you.. I melted.  The only thing potentially better than a surprise midweek date with Traveler is a surprise hangout and yummy Quinky food and a date with Traveler.  That woman can cook too!  I stole her idea and made a very similar meal for Cleveland the next night.  It was fucking awesome if I do say so myself.  The cherry sauce for the pork that I made was frozen cherries, balsamic, and some shallots cooked down.  Scrumptious.

I hadn’t planned on that mid-week extra date and when I had figured out I’d have it, I planned to cook for us and did something better instead by having that date AND having time with Quinky and her other love too.  I had planned to podcast with Cleveland and had fallen asleep in his arms instead.  See.. plans be damned.

Then I had that date with Cleveland where I made the pork and cherry sauce, and I’d planned it as this big sexy romantic thing.  That and I planned again to podcast.  We neither had sex nor podcasted and it was lovely.  We ate that delicious meal and talked through some things.  It was reassuring, affirming.  We went out to coffee and snuggled.  We kissed and held hands and he showed me things inside my clock, trying to fix it until he realized the teeth on the gears were stripped.  That man just thrills me.

And then last night.  Traveler and I planned to make a quick run to get some ski stuff, and then have a nice night in, cooking, snuggling, and having delicious sex before skiing today.  We actually spent hours running around back and forth, getting ski things, looking at ski things, getting groceries, getting a welcome text from Quinky that she’d had a hard day and “could we meet for a drink?”.  It was really fun.  We made fun of cheeses at the store and laughed at my purple ski pants, and had hugs and a nice cap to the day with drinks with Quinky Girl.  We came back home really late after another run to get ski stuff (and finally succeeding) and he ran cable in my living room while I made curry.  It was very late when we got to bed and both fell asleep petting.  So wonderful.  Again so reassuring.  So comforting.  So wonderful to sleep like that, curled together, warm, safe.

We woke up and decided against skiing for a few reasons and had yummy breakfast.  I’m glad I wasn’t overly attached to my plans. I’m glad life has a way of surprising me.  Such abundant blessings.

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