What a weekend!

It was insanely busy and lovely as waking dreams.  Friday an impromptu dinner and hang with Traveler and Quinky.  Saturday my first time ever downhill skiing AND Toad the Wet Sprocket with Traveler and then an evening of snuggles and kisses and love.  Sunday coffee with Quinky and Jonah and Traveler, and then Ikea with Cleveland and his wife.  Good good times.  Such good times.  So tired and sore and I didn’t even have any sex!  zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Overall things are pretty damn marvelous.  I went in to the weekend a little worried and had a really good time anyway.  I got reassurances from my partners and friends.  I made progress on making my new home lovely, and I learned new things, had amazing meals, snuggled and pet, and laughed and talked.  I’m looking forward to a much more “boring” week.  I can’t wait.  A little WoW.  Some chill time.  Some yummy food and sex.  Maybe a little Game of Thrones if I get lucky.  And maybe I’ll get lucky….

But for now, time for bed.  I have sleeping dreams to make. 

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