Little Things

Oh how I love the little things.  I’m stillllllllll sick.  It’s been 3 weeks on and off of this wretched cold.  I’m sick to death of being sick.

Today though I’m just feeling grateful.  I am grateful for family I can text and commiserate with.  I’m grateful for sweet men who act like a date with me hacking is still fun, though I have to admit that WAS surprisingly good sex for a woman who can barely breathe.  I’m grateful for sweet loves who bring me humidifiers and kisses and play WoW with me, because WoW made me not feel like I was in my f’ing apartment sick.  I’m grateful for sweet comfortable pettings and snuggles and promises to get a hot toddy with me.

I can’t wait to see my murder for my birthday and have a nice relaxing celebration.  I can’t wait to have a little Game of Thrones night or a nice drink with my loves.  I can’t wait to see most of the people I love at a table, watching belly dancing and eating great food.  Just feeling grateful and happy and hopeful, even if I do have the plague.

Oh.. and just because it’s funny… a comic from cyanide and happiness:

cyanide and happiness. A brilliant comic about fisting. I love those guys.




  1. That comic made me die laughing-people at work are looking at me funny.

    Feel better lovely girl. When is your birthday? Mine was on the 26th. Are we Pisces sisters and not even know it?

    Hugs to you lovely sweet beautiful girl. Warm thoughts of you.


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