On The Mend

ImageAhhh.. on the mend.  

I’ve been sick for a month.  A fucking month.  I’ve been sick so long I got my second period while sick.  Not fucking cool.

But, I’m on the mend.  My weird red eyes are now a light pink and my head is clear and my energy is back.  My cough lingers a bit, but it’s soooo much better.  I have hopes of returning to work again tomorrow.  I’ve had all kinds of time for reflection and I got a little off the beam and back on, maybe a little wiser.  My birthday was still totally cool.  Even sick and resembling the Star Wars Emperor, I had lovely talk and food and fun with my loves and friends and chosen family.  

Peaches came with Engineer, who is NOT her boyfriend *so I am told.  Cleveland and his wife were there.  As were Chicago and Chicago Boy. Fishnet came, and Traveler and Quinky Girl too.  We ate Moroccan food and played a little skeeball.  We were mostly all a little sick or a lot tired, but it was still a very very good time.  

And healing now, I’m making fun plans, naughty plans, and just plans to breathe comfortably.  Something about feeling better always makes me want to dance around with my arms flung wide like the Sound of Music.  


Mary Poppins spinning in a field of flowers, mountains all lit up found at:http://places.designobserver.com

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