Good Night Cleveland

For a few reasons I said I wasn’t going to write any more posts about Cleveland.  But he asked… This one has some explicit sex talk.  Be advised.

ImageWe had a beautiful date tonight.  I was a little stressed from my day and my week.  So we started by talking and he was my stalwart friend, calm.  He is so low drama and it’s a thing I value.  We didn’t get super into the details of my week, but I still felt unburdened.  I made whiskey sours and lit candles and made a simple pasta and sausage dinner and before long we were snuggling and smiling by the stove.  He teased me.. because he does.  Our dinner came very close to not happening.. a thing we’ve done many many times.

We could have gone out and done something fun tonight, having a weekend night date and no curfew, and I’d wanted to take advantage, but we did what we always do really… just more.  We just wanted each other and stayed in.  After our dinner we were discussing what we might do and I thought podcasting and he thought snuggling.  He said his first and I liked it better.  Snuggling very quickly devolved into maybe the hottest sex we’ve had, and on paper it wouldn’t be all that special.  I can’t explain it.  We just.. had all the time in the world and knew it.  We didn’t rush to anything and actually held ourselves back.. making it last.  I kept thinking I could not want him more and then I did.  We were wild things… slowing at times.  The things he says!  It is everything I want to hear, everything I need, firing me up, soothing my soul.  

I asked him to use my cuffs… and we just never paused long enough to get them.  We never do kinky stuff, though we both love it and crave it.  We just get carried away.  The chemistry is phenomenal and we still marvel at it.  All he has to do is kiss me, or I him, but if he kisses me and pulls my head back by my hair.. whomp!  I feel like the girl in “Like Water For Chocolate”.  He lights all my matches and he calls forth the flood.  

We’ve already begun to have our routines, in a way, and we broke all of them.  It’s funny too because I would do something or he would and we’d both seem surprised at how we found ourselves, and he kept begging me not to make him cum.  We took turns having a clearer head.  I could not stop coming.  And finally it was inevitable.  Afterwards we spent hours wrapped in each other, just petting and kissing and talking a little here and there.  We dozed and woke and never broke, touching touching touching.  I curled into him and he into me.  The candles burned and the music enthralled and we just couldn’t stop touching.  Just a bit ago he got up, knowing it was time he went home, wanting to stay too.  I mustered everything I could not to try to make it hard for him to go.  I wanted to pull him back to me and wanted not to break the spell, but I respect that he had to go.  There will be other nights.   I’m curling back up in my bed now, much colder but so sated, so grateful.  Good night Cleveland.  Sleep tight.  Kisses. 


  1. Umm ok SPC. Its not nice to wake me up with a post notification at 2:00 am with tails of hot sensual sex. Now its 3:30, I’m horny as hell but have my 4 year old between my wife and I…. Margrett Thatcher naked on a cold day….

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