We missed our kink class, so this one has some frank sex..  Just letting you know.  🙂

A bunch of us planned to hit a kinky technique class at the local club last night, but it was cancelled due to the instructor being sick.  It happens.  So Traveler and I kissed our loves and friends goodnight and pondered what to do.  We were all gussied up.  We thought maybe we’d start out with cocktails and dessert since we’d wolfed down some tacos thinking we had to hurry to class.  After some talk we decided we’d grab some port and chocolate and have our little evening at my house.  I admitted I was a little disappointed that the kinky fun wouldn’t be happening and Traveler reminded me that we could have kinky fun all on our own.  Hilariously we’d just discussed who might cuff whom when Quinky Girl suggested in her text that maybe one of us could tie the other up.  Oh great minds!  Huzzah!

I lit a million candles and made my place our intimate restaurant and we got Groove Salad playing music and we talked and talked.  It felt good to kibitz and share, laughing and debating and really talking.  He’s been traveling a bit this month and there is a lot going on, and it’s been hard for me not to be there with him that much.  He’s in great hands, and I’d sweetly been allowed to drop off a little treat for him, but it was our first chance to really touch base with one another since he’s gotten back into town.  We’ve just been so busy.

And then… we made up for missing our class.  God Damn!  God Damn!  I’d asked him earlier how he’d felt about our chemistry, making conversation and wondering how he’d answer.  He’d answered as I’d imagined and hoped he would, but his actions spoke louder.  I can’t get over how his kisses make me breathless.  His touch.  OH.  Literally.. I get breathless.  He looks at me that way and I am HIS.  Teasing, tantalizing, aching, begging, grappling, holding down, forceful, withholding, giving in, letting go, grunting, kissing, light, hard, wonderful wonderful wonderful.  He said, “And we didn’t even need the cuffs”.  There had been plenty of restraint.  I kissed him everywhere, loving our taste on him, relishing him, just languid and happy.  And then there was so much love that even this morning I happily sigh.

Shortly before midnight he made a sheepish look and I asked him what was up.  He said “I was wondering what you thought about logging into WoW before it hits midnight and the Darkmoon Faire is over?”  I laughed and clapped and made my prairie dog pose that I do to be cute when I want something.  I jumped off the bed naked and eagerly grabbed my computer.


stacked glowing tea light candles from:

A million kisses and sleeping curled to him and him to me, all night long… I am so in love!  I can’t stop smiling.  I feel pouring from me.  I am brimming over.  Such simple pleasures are so utterly appreciated.  I don’t care that I might look stupid some day for being such a gushy girl.  I just love him so very much.  I see his flaws and frailties and eyes-wide-open I know he is a fallible human, but I marvel at him.  I am in awe of him.  He’s so beautiful.  He’s so kind and sweet and loving.  I am giddy.  It’s magic.

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