Piercing It

A while back, shortly after Great Date and I broke up and Hubby and I decided to divorce, I decided I would get piercings.  I’d long wanted nipple piercings, but Hubby didn’t really care for them, so I’d held off.  In the aftermath of our marriage, thinking about all kinds of things great and small that I might want to do with myself, piercings and tattoos came up.  I already have a number of tattoos and would like more.  I decided to pierce my nipples and get a vertical hood piercing.  Nipples take forever to heal, but it is an investment of time I suppose.  They are a lot more sensitive and I like my breasts a lot more now.  I’ve always like stimulation to my nipples, and it’s just a lot more interesting now.  I never really liked my breasts, the way they looked, and I think they are cuter now.  They are about 9 months old and I think nearly healed.  The painful healing part was fast, but you have to be careful with them, not to pull on them too much for a good long time to allow them to fully heal properly.


Beautiful woman with facial piercings found at: http://crunchmodo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/body-piercings.jpg

I went back a short while later and got that vertical hood piercing, and that my friends, that was a damn good idea.  It might be my favorite body modification ever.  I had an orgasm in the grocery store walking down an aisle while it healed.  The crazy amazing sensitivity went away for me in about 2 weeks or so, which was actually a good thing.  The hardest part for me on the healing was not messing with it.  Every time I got excited I could feel my clit stimulated by the bar as it swelled in my hood and I got wet.  That’s not super convenient.  It become a tortuously sexy feedback loop.  Random thought- swelling- clit stimulated by the bar- more excited- wet- very aware of my own excitement and utterly unable to do anything about it… wah.

With that piercing I became a lot more orgasmic, and I’m already pretty damned orgasmic.  Everything I did sexually seemed to stimulate my clitoris.   The movement of my partner, any kind of oral sex, writhing.. all of it.  I was finally able to orgasm with just my hand, something I could not previously do.  It was lovely.  Unfortunately though, my piercing was kind of shallow and it grew out and the skin holding the little bar became so thin I worried it would tear and it sort of lost position.  So I took it out.  I miss it.  I’ve been waiting a while, wanting to kinda start over, and meanwhile I planned a few more piercings I’d like.

I got my nose pierced and decided I would like some labia piercings too.  I’ve looked at oodles and oodles of pics (and won’t include any to avoid being labelled an adult blog) and I’ve decided I’d like 4-6 piercings.  I think I’d like them all to be inner labia piercings, but I go back and forth on that.  The healing time seems to be about 4-6 weeks, and I haven’t made the leap because the vast majority of that time would mean no sex.  I figured I’ll just suck it up and get it all done in a shot, to have the one healing time, and there just hasn’t been any time I felt I’d like to give up sex for 4-6 weeks.  Yes, yes.  It’s an investment of time… but still.  First I was too new with Cleveland, and then I was too new with Boss.

I was trying a swing club, and planning threesomes (or hoping to plan them).. and planning other sexy adventures, and it was just never a good time.  I decided I’m getting them in December or before.  I figure with everyone traveling and on lock-down and me nearly sexless, it’s the perfect month.  Thing is.. I can’t wait to do them and waiting 9 months is killing me.  It’d be fun to have them before summer.  But I’m kinda hurting financially.  I had to get my car fixed and moved and needed lots of things for my own place, and I have really no expendable income for piercing my pussy.  I have a camping chair in my living room and no plans yet of how I’ll afford a couch.  I’m almost never eating restaurants and economizing pretty viciously, but it’s going to take me a while to work off my car’s service and the brakes and flush I need.  I’m hoping to get the money my ex owes me, or taxes back, but I’m not sure when that will happen and I’ll use that money to pay what I spent in these less fun things.

Maybe I’ll save up and just get the hood re-pierced to hold me over.  I can think of a lot worse things to do with the money.  Asking for overtime so I can pay off my debts and pierce my pussy isn’t that odd, is it?


  1. I’d love to get my wife’s nipples pierced as I think that’s so sexy but she is really sensitive to her ear rings and they will get infected if she wears them too long so I’m assuming that she may not be able to tolerate them. Good luck with them.


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