Sleep Over

Some frank talk of sex.. just letting you know.  🙂

I had my first sleepover with Boss this weekend.  It was his first sleep over in a long time and my first with a new partner in a long time and our first together.  I think we were both really nervous and hoping certain things didn’t happen and excited that others could.  When he raised the idea at first I said I didn’t think it was a good idea and then I changed my mind.  And then I changed it back, and changed it again.

In the end, I talked to him about it and we seemed cool.  He wasn’t suggesting staying over as some big step or proclimation of love.  When I said it was “too relationshippy” to sleep with someone he said “Well, only if we actually sleep though, right?”.  He was kidding, but the humour helped.  We set up the overnight.  He brought stuff and made a very delicious dinner and we chatted comfortably and enjoyed some time before our party. In his typical straight-forward way (that I totally enjoy), he said “I think we should relax with some good sex before the party”.

I had to laugh at that.  We had plans to go to a kinky sex party and he wanted to have sex beforehand.  Huzzah!  We laughed and talked and made my blog picture, and settled in my room.  We kissed and teased a bit before he turned me over gruffly and spanked my ass. Yay!  I got deeply into sucking his cock, to lovely lovely effect, and was left ridiculously excited and he helped me out.  🙂 Heh.

So after a bit more relaxing we headed out.  At the party we quickly found a good place to play and set up.  He asked me to take my clothes off so we could start.  Then he bound my wrists over me with quick ties (which is a lovely way to bind someone by the way).  For some reason the nakedness was too much.  I tried to get into it, kissing Boss and trying to get excited.  Generally I’m much more comfortable naked when I’m excited.  But something about it… I was just too bashful to get into it.  I was aware of all the clothed people mingling and talking and watching.  I felt uncomfortably and unsexily naked.  I finally just told Boss I couldn’t do it and he set me free quickly and I put my panties back on.  Do not ask me why wearing panties seemed such an improvement, but it did.  Tied again to the rack in my panties and my high heels I felt better, ready.

zip tiesHe started slow.. building… touching me… building heat…mmm.  It was like a schmorgasboard.  So lovely.  Quickly my blood was in my skin, responding.  Some of it was deeply pleasant and enticing, some stingy and some thuddy and some brought me endorphin responses to the pain.  At one point it was clear what a good idea it had been to bind me because I would have grabbed his arms or kicked him if I could.  I bit at the air, falling back on my one fairly useless defense.  He’d get my heat up, make me squirm and cry out and a few times yell in frustration and pain.  And then he’d direct the heat, touch me, press against me, put his knee on my pussy so I could grind against him, kissing me, touching me, making the blood in my skin and those endorphins channel to great effect.  Whips and canes, nunchucks, stingy and thuddy impact, hands, needles and a tazer later… oh holy guacamole I shook.

He wrapped me in a sheet and lay me on the couch to clean up.  Amelia appeared as if from the ether and I held her and caught up.  She has a way of being a very timely cuddle-slut, that girl. 🙂  I was calmed after resting a while and he said he and I should go home to fuck and I agreed.  I said goodbye to lovely Amelia and we headed to my place. Driving home I was tired and thought “Eh.  I’m pretty damn satisfied and happy and relaxed.  We don’t need to fuck more tonight”.  I was getting tired and thought it’d be fine to go home and just sleep.  I got us water and turned out lights, put on my nightgown and readied for bed.  And then he attacked me, saying “I’m not done with you yet”.  He grabbed me around my waist and manhandled me to where he wanted me, taking my panties off and bending me over on the edge of the bed.  Even my thighs were instantly wet.  I LOVE THAT.

What followed can only be described as a “dear holy god yes yes yes” of pounding voracious delicious passionate sex.. yes.. that lovely kind I call “fucked until I can’t breathe”.  GRIN!

So.. all is well.

I was concerned about an overnight accidentally changing things that are lovely as they are.  Boss and I have a rare ‘thing’ and I don’t wanna fuck it up or complicate it.  He told me before all of this that I was kinda special and I both loved and feared that, but after some talking before and after our overnight I’m thinking maybe he is just in the same place I am.  We aren’t a big complicated relationship with expectations and committments.  We like talking and we like sharing music and links and funny things.  We have some similar interests.  We talk to each other about some real junk too.  We’re genuinely friends and we seem to genuinely enjoy each other in a number of ways, including sexually.  That IS kinda special.  😉


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