A Little Game of Catch-Up Maybe?

I havne’t posted for a few days and I wanted to just do a quick catch-up maybe on The Murder (our little poly family).  


Let’s start with… Peaches.  Peaches and her beau are doing well, and have been having sexy fun times now for about 4 months.  They aren’t rushing anything or working to label much, but they “like where they are and where they are going”, and it shows.  It’s fun to watch them interact.  It’s nice when two people so clearly like each other and have that kind of chemistry.  Peaches and Traveler are also doing really well.  They had a series of talks and some growth and have made some changes and found a new equilibrium that seems to work well for both of them.  I’m rather relieved.  I like to see them both happy and on the same page.  Her new apartment is coming along nicely, and things in her world just seem generally good.  

Quinky Girl seems to be in a real upswing too even if she is busier than hell.  Things with her relationships are beautiful and it’s a really awesome vicarious pleasure to see all the love in her life and to love her too.  Her new job is going well despite being a manager who inherited an employee problem.   She’s handling it really well and it sucks that she has to do it right away, but she’s using it as a growth as a manager I think.  I think everyone is really proud of her.  She’s worked so fucking hard for a really long time, and it’s nice to see it paying off.  

Cleveland’s Wife is doing well as well, helping to plan their huge motorcycle road trip and doing projects around the house and making it nicer.  She’s been hitting technical meet ups and networking and learning and sharing ideas with other professionals, and it seems to be a play she excels.  Her natural gregariousness lends itself well to being social and she’s got a sharp wit.  She’s working on the next step of her career and having some exciting leads.  

Cleveland is also planning that motorcycle trip, experimenting with motorcycle cameras, and just generally doing what Cleveland does.  He’s made a new friend with a ton of interests in common and has spent a lot of time working on cool blog stuff.  He and I have been spending just a little more time together and I think things are deepening.  I love it.  I love that things in his world are going so well and that he and his wife are having fun adventures and that I get to have him in my life too.  I just find myself counting my blessings there all the time.  We are still being careful and cautious and slow about our relationship, and despite minor impatience at times, I still think this is a really good thing.  I love him so much, and I love the idea that we’re building a foundation slowly and well.  I’d like him in my life a long time, and I’d like us all to be happy, so it’s worth it.  He’s so present and so good to me.  He’s loving and sexy and passionate and it just gets better and better.

Traveler is busy as HELL with his job right now and it’s been a bit of a stressful time for him.  He’s taking off with Quinky Girl this week to visit her family, and while that’s a different kind of stress, taking a trip with his wife should be a nice relaxing break.  He and I are maybe deepening a bit.  I feel closer to him and our communication seems to be getting more intimate.  He’s happy it seems, and I’m relieved.  He let me listen to a conversation with his mom on speaker phone recently, and it was fun to hear them interact, talking about all the little things in a family.  I liked seeing Traveler as a son.  He isn’t out to his family and they don’t know about me, and this little peek was therefore precious to me.  I feel happier and more secure and more loved there than maybe I ever have with him.  He’s not an emotionally gushy guy, but he’s affectionate and thoughtful and kind, and he shows and tells me he loves me all the time, and it’s more than enough.  But every now and then he opens up and really talks about how he feels about me or something about our relationship and that gives me reassurance, and I save those up and treasure them.  

I told him how I love that.  Driving home from the ski area Traveler and I had this wonderful conversation about all these little things in our lives and some of our big stuff too.  It was just one of those little conversations about everything and nothing that road trips bring.  I loved hearing him talk of his love for Quinky Girl and his excitement at things in their life, and his feelings about Peaches and this really healthy place he is in, and about me.  He said things he didn’t say to me before.. little things about how he felt about me and our relationship and I saw myself grabbing these words like clusters of diamonds and taking them to a place inside me where I can visit them again and again and treasure them.  He absolutely showers me with sweetness, and that makes me feel loved, but I love that he also gives me the words I crave sometimes.

Boss is going through some challenging times personally and looking at big changes in his relationships and life.  I relate to all of this of course, and I like that we have our friendship, with whatever else is there and that he trusts me enough to talk a teeny bit about it.  Overall, I think even with this stress and change he’s doing very well, and I like being part of his support.


As for me.. I am doing very well.  I somehow got myself into doing two gigantic projects at work just as I took on training two new employees.. whoops!  But all of that will work out.  I’m getting back into activity, with the skiing and starting up roller derby stuff again now that I can breathe.  I started a new painting, and maybe I’ll share it or some others here someday.  I’m enjoying my new place, even if I am sweating the money a little for now.  I had to do a very expensive service to my car and need brakes now too.  I’m hoping my taxes will come in soon and that my ex will pay me the maintenance from our divorce soon too.  My savings are more depleted that I am comfortable with for sure.  I’m enjoying learning to cook more and enjoying time with my friends.  I’m off to sushi here in a  minute with TexDom and Fishnet, and I hope to catch up with Chicago and Chicago Boy here soon too.  I had a cuddle date with a lovely woman-friend of mine that I really need to write about too.  Things are busy but good here with me.

I just wanted to catch up a bit.  I took a little break, but I’m here, and I’m thinking about you.  Now, topics to talk to you about… that might need some thought.  🙂  


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