Every once in a while as I leave work, I get the distinct feeling that I’m escaping. Today the sun is out and it’s raining. Kinda perfect actually.

Things have been really busy lately, but good. I am not so eagerly bidding Traveler and Quinky Girl an adieu as they head on a trip to see family.

I am finally seeing a movie I really wanted to see and was asking Traveler to go to. He kept saying yes and then things just kept making it not happen. I jokingly asked him if he was afraid to be seen with me in public. :-). It’s that movie “Her”. It’s at the Sundance theater and I’m hitting it with Boss. We’re both a little broke so we’re going elsewhere first for happy hour cheap vittles.

Tomorrow I am doing nothing and I’m kinda excited about it. I keep saying I’ll paint more on this latest piece, and I think I’ll make my favorite salad and do that. I’m the kind of person who loves and craves being around people, but then I need days here and there to just be by myself. A lot of people seem to need either lots of social interaction to recharge their batteries or time alone to recharge their batteries. I seem to need both.

Having said all that though, I miss Traveler and Quinky Girl already. I’m glad that Peaches is watching the cats, and has asked me to fill in one of the days. It will be nice to be around their fur babies and their space. I will TRY not to do anything too horrible. Muahahahaha.


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