Podcast 14 – Word Search

Here is Podcast 14 – Word Search.

Click HERE to listen

hostage negotiation

It’s about how we poly folk are always saying communicate communicate communicate, but we don’t always say HOW to learn to communicate.  We talk about resources, share ideas and learned lessons and talk about talking.  Oh, how polyamorous of us!!


Resources we talked about:

Reid’s Elevator Speech

Center for Non-Violent Communication

CNVC Feelings Inventory

Childrens List of Feeling Words

Psychlogy’s Today- Active Listening Techniques of Hostage and Crisis Negotiations

Polyamory Weekly Podcast – Owning Your Own Shit, by Cunning Minx – a podcast

Savage LoveCast with Dan Savage – a podcast

 Books on Amazon-

non violent communicationNonviolent Communication: A Language of Life  $11.27 on Amazon and available with free shipping.





opening upOpening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships $11.83 on Amazon with free shipping.

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