It's is the Point

Boss and I hit the “Bondage is the Point” party at the center.  This includes frank talk of sex and kink.  😉

First.. a tiny aside.. happy happy sigh.  Traveler had a little unexpected free time tonight and asked if I’d like to do dinner and WoW.  Yes please.  It was a quiet little night and I loved it.  I always love it.  I said to Quinky Girl the other day (and sounded like a greeting card) that the most precious thing we give each other is time.  I revel in it.  I’m so grateful.  I’m so fucking happy.  I could not be more grateful.  Seriously.  Getting to see more of Cleveland, and more of Traveler and having a sexy sexy date with Boss!?!?  I’m just gushing over here.  Gushing.  See what I did there?

WoW woodsI just got home from Traveler’s and I’m sated and languid.  We talked and laughed over dinner at our favourite place, played our game, snuggled and called it a night and I couldn’t be happier if we’d had the most epic date ever.  I just love being with him.  I loved working in his yard this past weekend and talking while we did dishes and made dinner.  I loved holding him and sleeping tangled in a ball.  I loved playing WoW.  I loved being overcome with passion.  I love everything we do.  Okay.. okay.. enough of that.  I’m sorry.  I’m just so fucking happy.  I’m reluctant to repeat this gushiness here with Cleveland, but it is there too.  I fall deeper deeper deeper….

Now, on to the promised kinky fun.  🙂

Boss and I had missed seeing each other on a couple of occasions and I’d been looking forward to our date.  The party that night was the “Bondage is the Point” party.  The description said “no impact” and talked about bondage kinda being the point.  Neither Boss nor I are super bondage people (though as it turns out he is actually very good at it).  You gotta love that he’s that good at his weak point.  

I arrived at the club with very little idea of the plan, which I like.  I like that he gives me teasers but I don’t work up in my head what will happen.  I like to let it unfold.  It’s an amazing freedom to have this little area of life where I don’t have to plan and I’m not responsible.  It gives me permission to enjoy it.  I am the sort of person who is always thinking,  always trying to determine the best course  of action.

I rushed in, late, and was greeted by Blue Flame.  He’s the guy I briefly dated once or twice and had a nice night with, and then he flaked and I sort of dropped it.  It was nice to see him and say hi, but I didn’t linger because I was late meeting Boss.  I’ve seen him once or twice at the club, but he’s been busy or I have and it was the first time talking in person since we slept together.  Luckily it was no big deal. I had wondered how that would go.. playing with people and then seeing them at the club.  But it wasn’t really awkward at all.  Cool.

zip tieBoss and I settled in and found a spot in the back room and had the place all to ourselves.  It was sexy to have that privacy but still be able to hear the goings on on the main floor.  He told me where he wanted me and asked me to undress, which of course required kisses.  I’m very modest and shy until I’m turned on.  (I know.. I don’t SEEM like the delicate flower I am).  He wrapped my legs in foil and then covered that with saran wrap and sealed it with duct tape.  Then he turned me sideways on a bondage bed, which is a thing like a bunk-bed where there are eye bolts up the posts and on the high “ceiling” of the bed.  Turned sideways, my head was against the wall and my bottom was on the edge of the bed, facing out.  We put a wedge beneath my ass to raise it up to a better height, and he got to work.  He fastened zip-ties around my ankles and then used a webbing (fancy rope-like thing made of nylon) to secure the quick ties around my ankles to eye bolts on opposing ends of the bed, so that I had my ass raised up on the edge and my legs spread wide.  My wrists he also quick tied and used rope strung in a configuration from various eye-bolts to suspend my arms from above and support my legs.  The end result was me naked and immobilized with my hands pulled toward the “ceiling” of the bed and my legs frozen open and mildly supported.

I started to get nervous.  The zip-tie on my right ankle digging in and hurting.  He put electrodes on my labia, on either side of my pussy.  Oh no.  A trickle of fear and.. oh man.. was I wet?  What the hell?  This seemed like it might hurt and I was most certainly at his mercy.  He attached leads to the foil on my legs too.  He did a little test and the electricity lightly ran through my legs, making my muscles twitch of their own accord.  I wriggled a bit, trying to get comfortable, liking the super light electricity exciting everything, and then he licked me.  Oh man.  That worked.  Suddenly I felt very exposed, very open, and in a good way.  It was deliciously and pleasurably scary.  Forgotten was the zip-tie digging into my flesh and the electrodes threatening my pussy.

electrodesThe reprieve didn’t last long and the electricity began, sharp and biting a bit in the electrodes on either side of my pussy, and dancing and pulsing warmly through the foil and into the muscles of my legs.  My legs danced and I gasped and twitched in time to the TENS unit’s stimulation.  It ramped up.. up.  He played with me, pleasing me and hurting me some, and making me hot and scared at the same time.  He brought out his knife and traced it over me as my legs danced in time to the shocks.  I was scared he’d cut me if I jumped and I was physically unable not to move.  I could feel the rhythmic pulses not only in my legs dancing in their restraint, but also across my pussy.. making me throb with want.  He brought out a vibrating egg and brought me to the edge but not over of coming.. again and again.. teasing me.  He varied my shocks and increased the intensity over time.  I was bucking against the shocks and their sting and throb, but also against that vibrating egg.  He made me cry out with the electricity and then rewarded me with the egg.  I could feel my own wetness running down my ass.  I wanted to fuck him but I was made to wait, building more with the shocks.

He put clothes pins on my pussy, in much the same place I think that I plan to pierce soon.  I thought I might ask him to remove the clothes pins, but he licked me again, letting me come again, against his face, and I liked the hurt while I came.  I wanted it.  He brought out his taser and made it make the zapping noise it makes without contact.  I froze.  I remembered its sting, like a couple of wasps stinging me right where the transmitter ends touched me.  I shifted and could feel the clothes pins move, and I thought of my planned piercings and imagined loving their weight.  I was scared but turned on too.  I kept asking him what he was doing because I couldn’t see where he worked, in my position.

bondage bedAnd finally he said he wanted me to feel how it made his cock swell when I struggled like that, how he wanted it when I asked for  the taser to zap me.  He removed the clothes pins and the blood came rushing back.  I cried out with each one.   He put on a condom and slid into me, stretching me, and I worked to accommodate him.  It was a little easier because I was so turned on and so wet.   He paused and held the taser to me and said “You know what I want”.  I did.  He wanted me to say yes to the taser.  I needed him to fuck me and I said it.  He shocked and and I exclaimed, and he fucked me viciously for a few moments, riding the wave, rewarding me.  He zapped me again and again, my side, my hip, my stomach, my waist all searing with zaps, my bellow echoing in the room as he made me come again and again. Eventually I was so far gone I said “yes” over and over and over while I came and came and came.  It was intense and amazing.  I came on top of each previous orgasm and finally came in one long intense orgasm.  I was so wet I soaked the wedge below us.  I felt myself pouring while he fucked me.  And then, when I thought I could take no more, he said he was going to come and asked me if I was ready, a thing that pushed me over the edge, and I came with him, all the while saying “yes” “yes” yes”.

Fucking delicious.  He’d been able to feel the shocks while he fucked me, conducted in my wetness, which was so fucking hot.  When I was untethered I was a quivering mass of nerves and my body shook.  I’d been trussed up for over an hour and in many ways it felt like 5 minutes and at others like vastly more time than it was.  We snuggled a little and he pet me while I calmed.  I sang his praises and he soaked it up and reassured me too, that he liked this.  Judging based on his actions, it was clear he enjoyed himself.  Bondage might not be a big point to me normally, but I am a fan!


  1. Hopefully when I get back my Bunnii and I can delve into some of this scene. She is starting to express interest in some kink (hell not only her….:) ) and I would like to find people who can not only teach but accommodate.
    Also, good lord was that hot…
    Got me over here fanning myself and shit…


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