Surprise Me

I felt like writing a dirty adventure.  An adventure, a dream, a fantasy.  Please do not read if talk about me having sex would bother you.  Thanks!  😉


God Damn.  I love how you surprise me.  You were full and we were both tired and I wanted to pet you.  It was so innocent, petting you while you were on your stomach on my bed, while you were on your computer, nice and sedate.  But touching you, oh man, touching you.. the electricity.  The buzzing heat boils over me when I touch you.  I could tell you were trying not to give into me and that made me hot somehow.  I wanted to win you.  I wanted to charm you.  My magic fingers began their work.  My fingers responded when you took in a breath or made a yummy sound, and I touched your back, your neck, your arms and your ass.  I ran my fingers over your legs and told you I needed you to be more naked.

ImageYou indulged me, slipping your shirt off over your head while I grabbed a cock-ring from my bedside.  You went right back to your computer, like you didn’t know you were being seduced, but I saw that sly smile.  I was happy to play this game.  I turned back from my nightstand to your now bare back and kissed along your spine.  I licked and nibbled you, hovering over you, tickling you with my hair.  I loved watching you tense and relax and seeing you sigh with my ministrations.  I loved the feeling of knowing I had you, but you were going to make me earn it.  I moved against you, lightly, hovering above your bare back and your smooth underwear.  I ran my body along your ass and I felt you push back into me, subtly at first and then harder.  My body ground against your ass and I put the cock ring on your computer’s edge, so you could see it.  I bit you lightly where your neck meets your body and you couldn’t help making that low breathy sound.

You said that you had to turn over and I smiled at this.  You rested on your back with me next to you now, and I petted your chest, your hips, your thighs as I kissed you. I felt my arm graze your cock lightly as I moved my hand over your thighs.  You closed your eyes and tilted your head back.  I ignored your cock and it strained for me as I moved my hands all over your body, circling, teasing. I kissed you, lightly, and you pushed your mouth heavier on mine.  I met your gaze. I’m always amazed at what you can do to me with a kiss.  I was already wet now, and now I felt my need.  I grabbed your cock and squeezed.  I tickled the head of your cock with my fingers and you rewarded me with a drool of pre-cum.  I needed to taste you… NOW.  I said “please.. please can I just suck your cock”.  Before you could answer I was there, and the second I freed you from your boxers I had you in my mouth and slid to the hilt.  I was too far gone to tease you much, though I did a little.  I came up for a moment and had to go back.  I could not stop sucking you and told you I need to fuck you.  You groaned, so sexy, aching, and I couldn’t resist.  I started sucking your cock again.  I was loving it. It’s crazy, but I swear I could almost come from sucking your dick.  I wished I could suck your cock and fuck you at the same time.  Your breath hissed, you drew it in so quickly.  I couldn’t resist. You were building.  You were so close.  I knew I had to stop if I wanted to fuck you, but I couldn’t.  I wrenched myself away and you thrust in the air, arching your back.  I was naked in a flash and moved to where I was over you, ready to slide you into my very wet, very waiting pussy.  But I couldn’t.  I needed to suck you more.  I slid down and put my mouth on you again, swirling, moving in and out, using my tongue and my hands and breathing ragged.  I was sweating and my pussy was aching for you.  I tried to pull away again, to make you not cum yet, and you said “Oh God.. please finish.. please.. I’ll fist you so fucking hard.. please”.

ImageI needed no further encouragement.  I sucked you with gusto, hungry for you.  I looped and swirled, moving in and out, my tongue on your frenum, my hand on your balls and my other hand gripping your ass and driving your cock into my throat, again.. again.. again… and you came.  You came hot and sweet and full and I kept moving.. slowly easing as I swallowed every single drop.  Even then I could not stop.  You were so sensitive and I loved your body arching and bucking with me.  You winced and begged a little, and I slowed and eased.. a little, a little more.  You stayed hard so long I thought about riding you afterall.  It seemed you weren’t going to go down.  I gently, gently sucked your cock until you were soft again and and sated and I licked my fingers clean.  I could not believe how much I loved it.  It had been too long since I swallowed your cum.

I took a sip of water and lay back next to you, still slightly out of breath, my legs pressing together on my swollen pussy.  We laid like that for a moment, catching our breath and recovering, kissing, touching.  And then you grabbed my lube.  You touched your fingers to me and I was sopping wet, so you laid the lube on the bed.  We put a towel on the bed beneath me.  You began touching me.  You played with labia and my clit, a little light and teasing at first.  I moaned and begged a little.  You slid your fingers into me and played with my g-spot, your thumb on my clit.  I lost track of what you were doing, but it felt tremendous.  I came twice before you stretched me at all.

I was almost wet enough without any lube, but you put the silicone on your fingers and your hand.  You worked in your fingers, one and two and four and tried to slide further.  You put on more lube.  You looked at your hand moving in and out of my pussy and it looked like you liked what you saw.  You couldn’t quite get past the knuckles.  It hurt so very very good anyway.  I cried “harder” and pushed against you and you slid in further, but you still could not get past your knuckles.  I didn’t care.  I was in utter bliss.  You turned your hand so your knuckles moved inside me, stimulating.  I came and came and came.. aware at one point I was bellowing.

ImageI didn’t expect that AT ALL and I love that you consistently surprise me.  We never did use the cock-ring.  We just got so carried away.  We were both asleep, holding each other tight and pretzeled almost immediately after.  What a lovely surprise.



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