Don't Trip Over Molehills

There’s a saying, “People don’t trip over mountains.  They trip over molehills”.  The reason for this is simple.  When you encounter a mountain, you know it’s a challenge and you take precautions and adjust and do the things necessary to climb or go around it or whatever.  You take notice of a mountain.  Molehills though.. you don’t even see sometimes, or you just don’t lift your foot high enough.  You don’t give them much care, and so that’s where you trip.


Last night I had a nice little midweek extra snuggle sleep over with Traveler.  I think we were both a bit beaten by our days and the snuggling was a godsend.  I had this little thing on my mind, a tiny niggling thing like a seed stuck in my teeth.  I brought it up to dismiss it.  I wasn’t really sure what I was asking of him, if anything.  I just wanted to address this thing and move on.  It was kinda an incomplete thought.  He reacted defensively and we talked a teeny bit about it and then it hit me what was actually wrong and it was embarrassing.  The reason I needed to talk about this little thing wasn’t that I thought he’d done something wrong. The problem was that I had this little no-good thought. A small thing had rubbed against it and I really didn’t want to say it, which was a clue I really had to.  I told him my little insecure thought.  He was relieved, got it, pulled me close and said “you know that’s not true.  C’mere”. 

Yep.  That’s what I needed.  I needed to see that thought, admit it, and have a tiny reassurance.  I could have pushed that to a recess of my mind where it would likely make friends over time and make a resentment, or I could just admit it, get a kiss, and really let it go because it was resolved.  

It’s a molehill, these little thoughts sometimes. 

Did he do that because?…

What is that about?…

Maybe it’s me.. something wrong with me…

Hey, that feels…

Little molehills every one, easily brushed under or pushed aside, and as easily brought out and resolved, never to garner resentments.  I like being resolved.  I like getting to the root of something and getting it out when it’s a tiny thing.  I spent the night curled to him, warm and happy and content.  I got my kisses and my pettings and we laughed at YouTube videos and talked about our stressful days and meetings and tough conversations and tiredness.  We petted each others knotted muscles into a sweet relaxed dozing off and slept in our little pretzel. My overwhelming feelings were “safe” “comfortable” and “grateful”.  I woke smiling and petted him through a few alarms before helpfully pushing him out of the bed.  He kissed me goodbye and ran off to another horrific work day, and I snuggled into his pillow and his scent, and dozed till my alarm and my own chaotic work day began.  


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