And What About Aunt Flow?

This one has talk about me having sex and a bit of a musing.  🙂

I’m curious.  What do you think about having sex while you or your female partner are menstruating?

red sea

I gotta admit.  I love it.  I’m sad that so many people have an issue with it, even though I understand it.  I get it.  It’s blood.  A lot of people have issues with blood.  I personally don’t like having sex with a woman on her period if it smells.  It’s not attractive.  I know I shouldn’t mention that, but let’s be frank, okay?  I don’t perform oral on a woman who is having her period.  It just doesn’t turn me on. It’s not that I have some special belief that it’s more dangerous or whatever, other than of course disease transmission.  I know it’s perfectly healthy to ingest small amounts of blood, but it’s just not sexy to me.  And I’d NEVER ask a partner to perform oral either.  Otherwise, I’m good with all of it.

I love sex on my period.  I love it.  It stops cramps better than any medicine.  It just kills them.  It’s a physiological thing.  It’s scientific.  But that’s not why I love it.

I love it because it feels tremendous.  I’m more sensitive, more responsive.  I feel every little movement more and more intensely.  I’m always pretty orgasmic, but I swear the orgasms during my period are hotter, longer, deeper and more intense.  The head of my lover’s cock moving against my g-spot is more intense.  Sadly for those that don’t enjoy period sex and oblige me, I almost always flood.  I require almost zero foreplay.  I am so horny.  I love everything more. I love the feel of my lover’s cock in my mouth more.  Feeling them grow, my mouth on them.. oh man.  It’s partially that I know too well how wonderful it will feel to fuck them.  I think my MOUTH actually feels more sensitive too.  My hands on their warm body, the little salt of their skin, all of it, I just love.  I like to wash up very well, and crawling into bed I get so wet, so ready.  I put down dark towels.  The only drawback really is that my breasts are so sensitive too, so tender and full and easy to hurt in a way that isn’t sexy.

The other night I washed up, preparing to go to bed with my honey.  I like to be fresh, so I often wash up.  I didn’t have my period then but I should have known.  We kissed and I was so wet I could feel it.. instantly.  We played and teased just the barest bit and I was so wet.  I made a move to ride him and was taken over instead, and it was fucking magic.  It’s always amazing, but it was insanely good.  It was intense, even more than usual, and that’s saying a lot.  Afterwards, I couldn’t let him go.  I’d known of course that I’d flooded, more than squirted, flooded.  I’d felt it running down my ass and still I’d felt him come.  The sensation was so wonderful I should have known.  Sometime during us having sex I’d started my period.  It wasn’t very bad, not like times it’s looked like we slayed a goat, but there was a little blood mixed with my flood.  I was embarrassed and kept apologizing but couldn’t stop saying too that it was incredible.  It’s not my love’s favourite, to have sex early in my period or out of the shower too much, and I try to respect it.  Damn.  I felt bad, but I have to admit it was hard to feel bad about something I thought we’d both enjoyed so much.  It had been so amazing we’d stayed locked together a while.

I know this isn’t a feeling every woman shares.  I’ve talked to friends who HATE sex on their period for a variety of reasons.  Shrug.  I have a friend who has sex on her period by using soft cups (a disposable cup which rocks by the way) but I haven’t had too much luck with sex while wearing one.  Some people swear by shower sex, and some people don’t seem to care that much, they just wash up after.  Some people swear off totally.  Most of my regular partners couldn’t care less and were happy to have sex with me on my period.  I used to get a warm wet hand towel for my ex husband afterwards, a thank you for the amazing sex and cramp relief.  It was sort of like a flight attendant.  I’d run a clean hand-towel in warm water and wring it and bring it to him.  He wasn’t at all squicked by sex on my period and seemed to like how much I loved it.  That kinda thing can spoil a girl, I tell ya.

Where do you stand?  Am I the only one?


  1. I’ve always loved sex on my period, I get very horny. My husband never had a problem. Like you, I would clean him up with a warm towel or we should shower together after. No biggie. My bf, on the other hand, since his wife refuses sex during hers, wont go near me if I’m on mine. Ehh, to each is own. Yet he’s the kinky one. Go figure. 🙂


  2. I’ve always enjoyed sex when my partner is on their period. Like you, I’ve found that they are much more responsive and appreciate the cramp relief. If her flow is light and the mood strikes I’ve been known to even enjoy going down on my partner then, but then again I am crazy about going down on my partners. I love feeling them twitch and thrash in pleasure.


  3. I love sex, and when I’m on my period it feels fantastic and makes my cramps way less painful. And my husband doesn’t seem to be bothered by it in the slightest, though I take precautions to not make a huge mess (put down towels, the warm washcloth trick, etc).

    Loved this post!


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