Surrounded by Love

One of the things I really love about polyamory is the freedom to be surrounded by love and to surround those I love with love.  It’s been a stressful week in the SeattlePolyChick Murder.  We’ve all been working too much and had a lot on our plates.  One recent work day was 13 hours long.  So recent dates have included nice de-stressing walks, dinners, much petting, some computer help, a lovely wine tasting, yummy sex, a lot of WoW (world of warcraft) and general getting and giving of love and support.  These busy times that we live in take a toll, and it’s a beautiful thing to have such outlets for love and such love surrounding me. 


My computer runs a lot smoother because Cleveland took time out of his life to voluntarily reinstall my operating system. My pantry is full of enough wine for the next 6 months because Cleveland and his Wife and I hit wine country on a beautiful Saturday.  It was so nice to just relax and laugh and enjoy the sun with them.  And last night, the night before my first big event, I got some Quinky Girl and some Traveler.  

Quinky Girl felt like cooking and invited Traveler and I to have her delicious food and some time with her before Traveler and I had a little date.  Um.. yes please.  I needed Quinky Girl time.  Hugs and wine, and a delicious sauce of white peaches and mangos and cherries on grilled pork with seasoned wild rice, and a spinach salad with a warm feta dressing… mmmmmmmmm.  I walked up to kisses from Traveler and hugs from Quinky Girl and a glass of lovely white wine.  I put everything down and put on my hideous pajama pants (it had been that kind of day).  So we ate and relaxed with game 7 of the Stanley Cup, and I felt the stress dripping off of and freeing me with every delicious bite.  I so enjoyed the lovely snuggles too.  We kissed her goodbye afterward and told her how pretty she was and lovely she smelled as she ran off to her date and we kept being the giant nerds we are and played WoW with lots of kiss and snuggle breaks.  

Touch really soothes me and Traveler gives that to me in spades.  I feel my battery charge.  He is so loving and affectionate and good to me.  We got up from our computers to enjoy a beautiful sunset on his porch after he’d spotted it accidentally while letting the cat out.  We held each other and just stood there taking it in.  I thought about my Dad, and the letter I found in his stuff after he died.  He’d written it to me and never sent it.  It was about all of his plans as he readied for retirement.  He’d died 3 weeks after he’d retired.  He reminisced a bit in the letter and talked about his plans, and closed talking about the sunset and how he planned to watch more of them.  He’d always been a fan.  He said he was going to make time for more sunsets because he loved how beautiful and different they were, a new one every day.  

I was thinking about that, my father’s words, when Traveler squeezed me a little tighter and said “I love you so much”.  I kissed him and touched his face and his beautiful sandy hair and told him I loved him too.  I snuggled in under his chin, my head returned to the sunset.


I woke up this morning feeling loved, happy, sated, and warm.  Everything feels relaxed.  What a nice way to go into one of the 2 most stressful days each year at my job.  I joked that I should try to reserve him for the day before my big big event, but honestly I think I’m going to ask him for a date then.  I feel terrific.  It’s not a bad way to go into a potentially tough day.  

I’m sorry to gush on and on.  I just can’t help it.  I’m really happy and I just feel so good.  Touch someone you love and tell them that you love them for no reason at all.  Give just one extra kiss today.  Surround yourself and those you love with love.  Eat feta and snuggle, just maybe not at the same time.  🙂

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  1. This is so not the kind of post to apologize for! It’s heartwarming to hear about other people’s happiness, and I got fun vicarious feelings of “aww, yay!” while reading this post. 🙂


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