Being Flexible

In any relationship a little flexibility is good.  And no.. I don’t mean putting your legs behind you head.  😀 I’m actually not super flexible that way.  But I have my talents.  😉 ImageFlexibility and adaptability help us navigate change and change is inevitable.  Relationships grow and morph and change over time.  People grow and morph and change.  I was looking for a topic this morning and Traveler came up with it.  We’re sitting on my living room floor and he’s reading forums and I’m writing because World of Warcraft is down.  There went our lazy Saturday morning plans.  The thing really is this; I don’t care.  I would like to play WoW, and I’m mildly disappointed, but honestly I don’t care what we do.  I just like spending time.  We had a delicious breakfast (If I do say so myself) and I like sitting here digesting and relaxing together.


Flexibility and adaptability come up in a variety of ways in relationships.  Currently, Cleveland and I are navigating that place you get to when the romantic bits give way to the real bits.  We’re still plenty romantic, but we’re starting to also be REAL.  You know that place you get to after about 6-9 months?  Yeah.  We’re there.  He has some very definite ideas of how things should be done sometimes.  He’s read and watched a lot of food science things and as I was making him a beef stir-fry he was telling me all the ways that it SHOULD be done.  We, my dears, are going to have a problem.  I don’t like to be criticized.  I like helpful tips and advice, especially if they are not presented as the “right way” or “only way”.  I love learning.  I do not enjoy someone saying “Oh no no no.. it’s supposed to be done like this”.  I’ve worked long and hard to be better at receiving feedback, but I’m not the best.  Cleveland also has a shortcoming.  He has a lot of opinions and thoughts about how things should be done and he’s becoming more comfortable sharing them.  Ruh-oh.  I pretty much told him I wasn’t going to cook for him if he keeps it up.  I think I need to watch him cook.  He also informed me that I wasn’t shifting soon enough.  Ruh-oh.. run-oh.  Can you see that we’re both going to learn a lot, or this is going to be a mess?  Relationships challenge and stretch us sometimes and I can see that this might be part of the lesson this relationship has to teach us.

Because the thing is.. it’s great to learn from the wisdom of others, and it’s good to try things in new ways, because this is how innovations and inventions happen.  I can’t be so rigid I think my way is THE right way.  I have to be open to the ways of others.

ImageAlso with flexibility in relationships, scheduling is a lot easier.  Things have grown with Traveler.  We’ve enjoyed some extra time here lately and we talked about it last night.  One day a week simply doesn’t cut it anymore.  We need more.  And more has been happening and can keep happening if we’re a little flexible.  It helps us to plan so that he can see me and Quinky Girl and so I can see Cleveland and so Quinky Girl can be available to Jonah (her boyfriend).  If we’re too set, we can’t take advantage of that evening here and there and that little dinner or little time in WoW.  And as it turns out, we both crave that.  Yay!


Being a little malleable here gives me a lot more of what I crave.. time with my loves.  I get to see more of Traveler and Cleveland and Quinky Girl.  On Traveler’s and my dates this week we got to be a little creative and see Quinky Girl too for a bit.  Wednesday she cooked for everyone (yum) and then Traveler and I had our date and she went out with Jonah.  Friday he and I worked in the yard, removing the bush that smells like cum from next to their porch.  And yes, it really does smell like cum.  Heh.  We enjoyed the sun and some time together and wooded with triumph when we got that damn bush/tree out.  Quinky Girl came home and we all just talked and chilled on the porch, enjoying the lack of cum smell and a nice cold beer as we surveyed the light on the water and the beautiful patch of empty dirt.  We had no specific plans and it was nice to take advantage of some time to have a fun conversation about politics, sex, life, work and all kinds of junk.


Later last night, Traveler and I enjoyed the London Broil I’d marinated and some Greek avgolemeno potatoes.  Uh.. yum.  It was a quiet evening after a busy week, lots of cuddling and petting and a nice long talk.  He kinda opened up and I’m such a girl that it’s maybe my favorite thing he’s done in a while.  We just did whatever, and it was perfect.  Sex that is better and better and so much affection I purr, and it’s just a quiet little friday night.  Perfect. Thank Traveler for the topic.  Now.. what to do since WoW is down?  Hmmmm….. Image

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