Inspired by Hump!

Traveler and I went to see the Hump Tour last night.  Dan Savage was there, opening up the festivities.  I was a little fan girl, verklempt to see him there.  I think his husband Terry was there too.  Awesome.  🙂  It was fun watching all the indy porn, and even more fun enjoying what it inspired.  This one has sex and porn, be advised.


I’ve been to the annual Hump! Fest in November, and I was excited to see a bit of the “best of”.  It was a sampling of films from various years (heavily chosen from 2011, 2012, and 2013.  It was fun to see favorites and new ones I’d missed.  Traveler and I laughed and winced and got a little revved up watching.  It was as it always is, intriguing and hot and funny and a little messed up.

Afterward we walked to dinner and drinks nearby at Tini Biggs, and had some lovely conversation.  I had been thinking about what I’d like to do since I woke up that day and knew he and I were going to watch porn, but funny us, we were so excited to have my new Boggle game, we went straight to my bed to play that.  I lit candles and played some nice music, and we stripped down and got into bed.  Halfway through, I wagered for head, and I won.  🙂

I told him my naughty ideas, and what I’d been thinking all day, and he said “Yes.  Let’s do all of that”.  Hahahahha.. that was kinda impossible.  So I started with my cuffs and blindfold on him and did what I wanted.  I played with his senses and a little with pleasure and pain, and whispered naughty things in his ear, here and there.  I was inspired a little by our film watching, and I teased him and edged him, fucking him as long as I could and then losing it myself, bringing him over with me when I came so fucking hard.  

We kissed and kissed and kissed.  We snuggled and pretzeled and petted.  We said lovely things and connected, and it was hotter even than the ridiculously hot sex.  Earlier at Tini Biggs I’d asked him for a little reassurance and gotten it.  I’d asked him if that was annoying, to ask for reassurance sometimes.  He said “No.  Why would it be?  You’re independent, and if you ask me here and there to tell you I love you, which I do, or to kiss you, which I love doing, and it works, then that’s awesome.  It would only suck if it never worked, right?”  I laughed at that.  His kisses and words soothe me.  I have asking for them, but I love them so much.  He is so soothing and fulfilling and exciting.  I marvel all the time at how deep this rabbit hole goes.  God I love him!  I can’t get over how lucky I am.  If the other night I had a little weak moment where I allowed myself to worry too much, I’m happy that he gets it.  I’m happy that he worries too and that we can soothe each other and that he understands.  I’m happy that a good night’s rest gave me my good perspective back and happy that I am so sated with all that he gives me and allows me to give him.  

I told Quinky Girl this morning that it was nice to feel like I slept with a coat-hanger in my mouth because I just can’t stop smiling.  Thank you Dan Savage and The Hump! Tour for the inspiration.  

Thank you.. Thank you… Thank YOU!!!


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