If You Were an Ass

luck clover“If you were an asshole, it wouldn’t be because of bad luck that you have no friends”.  This was Ph.D’s answer to my agreeing that I am ridiculously lucky with the people in my life.  He said, “It’s not just luck that you’ve created a circle of people who love you that are awesome.  You’re awesome and you picked good people and treated them well and they love you”.  Sweet, no?

Ph.D. has been visiting from Colorado for the last 5 days or so and we’ve done a whirlwind Seattle and meeting with the murder and friends kinda deal.  We’ve been crazy booked and just having the nicest times.  We played games with Cleveland and his wife, Quinky Girl, Traveler and Peaches, and we met up with my friends Tex and Fishnet, and went camping with Chicago and Chicago Boy.  We’ve have wonderful meals and lovely conversations and it was fun to show my loves and friends off to him and him off to my loves and friends.  He’s totally smitten with my whole family and circle, and it was fun to see them all through his eyes too.

You know that feeling when you share something you like with someone and they experience it and you sort of vicariously see it new through them?  It was like that.  He had a lot to say about how fun and vivacious and quick witted Cleveland’s Wife was.  That woman is a charmer.  He thought Cleveland was shy but really sweet to his girls, and intelligent.  He thought Quinky Girl was beautiful and wicked smart.  She beat everyone at the game and he loved her wicked mind when she did it.  He said he hadn’t gotten as good of a read on Traveler, but he thought he seemed like a really decent guy, and he’s cute.  He loved how friendly Peaches was, and loves my city of Seattle.  I know all of these things about those I care about, but I saw them again, fresh through his eyes and I was so touched how wonderful the people in my life are.

I kept telling him, “I know, right!?!?!  I’m so lucky!”.  Finally, last night in a tent, about to fall asleep, he said to me “you DO know you aren’t lucky, right?”  Then he said the stuff I opened this with.  I’m touched that my friends and loves were so generous with their time and so sweet to my dear old friend.  I’m touched that he came here to see me.  I’m touched Tex and Fishnet had us over for fancy cheeses and fascinating conversation.  I’m touched Quinky Girl is making her delicious pork in cherry sauce tonight.  I’m exhausted from a weekend of fun socializing with the wonderful people in my life, and I guess I’ll stop saying I’m lucky.. though I am (even if I know I’m terribly lucky). I hope I never forget to count my blessings.  It’s a nice way to be.

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