Back to Life…

ImagePh.D is home again and it was a good visit having him here.  Today it’s back to work, back to life and back to reality.

It’s wonderful to have people you’re crazy about visit and wonderful in ways to have the visit end.  I told him I’d like to lift his life up and move it closer, because it’d be so cool to have my friend closer and see him more, and so nice to have my space.  I like having my time and apartment back.  I miss my men so fucking much.  I saw them both a bit, and I had lovely lovely time with the murder as a whole, which was so nice, but I have to admit I’m really looking forward to just a normal date with Traveler tonight.

I have a bunch of blogs to finish and get out, but I just wanted to kinda celebrate a really nice visit really quickly, and a really nice return to reality.  I miss the little alone times with my sweeties.  I miss our routines.  Traveler was out of town and then I had guests, so I miss everything about our times.  I can’t wait to talk, just us, and to curl up with him.  I can’t wait to sleep with him and smell him and snuggle him.  I can’t wait to play WoW and I can’t wait to get him naked.  I can’t wait to fuck him.  It’s been like.. 11 days since our last real date together.  Can’t.  Fucking.  Wait.

It’s funny.. I’m so eager to have sex with him and lay tangled like we do, but I’m most eager just to have our normal quiet night.  I just want to be able to touch him a lot.  I think I ache most to talk to him, just him and I, and to pet his warm soft skin.  I’ve been dreaming of sleeping with my warm sweet man for days and of kissing him freely.  Yay for great times with really great friends as house guests and yay for the return to life and reality.  😀

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