Ooh.. That Tingles

I have discovered the best ginger ale on Earth, and an excellent little twist to the blow-job.ginger ale

It’s from the South.  South Carolina to be exact.

It rocks my socks.

I bought a bottle of this ginger ale from a little deli market by my house.  I love ginger ale and I really love the strong stuff, so I’m always looking.  This is by far the most gingery ginger ale on Earth.  It made my mouth tingle and my lips delicately burn.  I don’t like spicy foods all that much, but I love a good strong ginger ale and this one was that in spades.  It says it’s spicy, but it means it’s gingery.  All that tingling was awesome and it gave me an idea.  (ding!)

Kissing him, he said my mouth felt tingly.  I had to try it.  I kissed and teased along his body, working my way down.  I worked him up with just my tingly lips and tongue, and then I introduced the ginger ale.  I took a swig and held it in my mouth, cold and fizzy and spicy, while I resumed my ministrations.  He was good and excited and jumped a little at the cold and then sucked air into his mouth at the hiss of the ginger ale on him.  I moved slowly up and down, coating him in the ginger ale swirling in my mouth.  His hips rose to me and I worked the pressure and my tongue, the ginger ale and my motion.  After a while, when he was good and excited, I swallowed that swig and took another.  The fresh tingly cold warm burning ginger ale and my mouth brought him higher.. higher.  It was a very fun experiment.

Thank you Blenheim Ginger Ale! (Click this to go check it out!)

Yay for little experiments.



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