Bawdy Storytelling

BawdyAwesome NEWS!!!!!!!!

One sec.  I’ll get to it.  I went to the first ever Bawdy Storytelling in Seattle last night.  It was AWESOME.  I’ve never been to Bawdy and I’m a total convert.  I got to put faces with the names Reid Mihalko, Midori, Rachel Lark, Dixie De La Tour, and John Woods of the Wetspots.  I also saw/met new faces like Pamela Madsen and fed my fan-girldom of Dan Savage.  Wet Personal Lubricants helped fund the event and it was held at Re-Bar.

It was so fun!  Seattle-ites screaming their heads off and laughing and celebrating sex.  Such good times.

I’ll get to the great news in a minute I promise.  They’re having another bawdy tonight where Seattle folks can tell stories and I’m missing it for the super excellent reason that Cleveland and I are off on our anniversary trip.  It’s been a year today.  🙂

Maybe some time I can get up there and tell a story.  That’d be so cool.

And now the news…. Reid Mihalko said he’d be on our podcast!!!!!  Can you fucking believe that.. our little podcast.  So cool.  That guy is the fucking coolest.

Wet Personal Lubricants – Your Place Or Mine?

Bawdy Storytelling Facebook

Reid Mihalko’s Page


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