I'm so excited!!!!!!

ImageI want to gush.  I am so excited.  I’m so excited.  Traveler and I just booked our trip’s lodgings and it’s a go.  I’m dancing with joy.  We are staying in a realllllllly cool carriage house in Canada’s wine country in the Thompson Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.  It is right by a bunch of wineries in walking distance and it has a nice kitchen and a big private deck and a grill overlooking the water of a beautiful lake.  Traveler and I can tour the beautiful area.. hitting wineries and maybe even a hot spring and then come back to our cute little carriage house to grill a yummy dinner and share some of the wine from our spoils.  I’m picturing a sky full of stars and all of our yummy grilled goodness.  We’re hoping for some quiet nights to play games and relax and pet and just chill and days to leisurely explore.

ImageThen, we’re stopping in Vancouver on our way back and staying at this totally wonderful hotel.  It’s all new and fancy and has all these cool features like chocolate on your bed turn downs and bathrobes and slippers and bicycles and umbrellas and electronic tablets you can use for free.  There’s a rain shower and the place has no bottles so they give you these glass things to use that you can fill with filtered water.  Fancy, no?  It’s not that expensive too.. any of it.  It’s pretty fairly priced I think.

But with all that amazing amazing exciting-ness… the part I am super jazzed about and over the moon about is time.. glorious precious amazing wonderful real time with Traveler.  Can you imagine?!?!?  4 nights and 5 days.  A road trip.  Adventures.  Meals.  Snuggles.  Sleeps.  Kisses.  Time.  Time for games and lusty experiments and just.. TIME!!!  I’m so excited.  Thanks for letting me gush a little.  I’m just so excited.  😀

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