Good Idea

Frank talk of me talking about and having sex.  Skip this one if you’d rather not read that. 😉


“I’m pretty tired”.  Yawn. “Man I got up early”. 

Sigh.  Snuggle.

“Oh.  Did I ruin your plans for tonight?”  Squeeze.

“Yes.  I thought of you all night.  But that’s okay.  I can still hold you, and get wrapped up with you, and you know I like any excuse to hold you.”  Snuggles in.

Contented petting and happy sighs for a while.  Settling in and just loving it.  Light conversation and then…

“Hey.  This isn’t a ploy to get you to fuck me.  I swear.  But do you think it’d be okay if I sucked  your cock?  No sex.  I just.. I like to suck your cock and I usually try to make you not come so I can fuck you, and then I don’t get to like.. do all the stuff I want to do to you, and well.. we’re not fucking and I’m totally happy with that, and the thought crossed my mind it’s kinda a golden opportunity, you know?  I could just enjoy sucking your cock.  And that made me just really want to.  I.. I just.. I would really like it.  Do you think it’d be okay if I just sucked your cock and that’s it?”

“Um.  Well.  I wouldn’t mind that for sure.  But what if it made me really want to fuck you?”

Laughs.  “Well, I would not say ‘no’.  But honestly… It would really make me happy to taste you right now.  I think it’d be hot to taste you and to make you come.”


“Okay.  I think you should fuck me.  Now. I need to fuck you right now.”Image

Oh how I love a good idea.  🙂


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