Vacation… ahhhh.

Traveler and I are enjoying the Okanagan Valley pretty damn well indeed.  Isn’t it fun how time spools out in a vacation?  It’s never as long as it seemed it would be and it’s so lovely whiling away the hours relaxing and talking and eating and drinking good things, taking time and making time and just being.  deck kaleden

We found a vacation rental that is private, lovely, and perfectly suited.  It’s a carriage house overlooking a lake.  We are enjoying the grill and deck immensely.  It’s in a town called Kaleden, on the Skaha lake in Okanagan Valley British Columbia.  And it’s heavenly.  The mountains all around reflect the sun on the green rolling hills and vineyards leading down to the center lake, and everywhere are tiny little wineries and little mom and pop places.  I think I’m a little more into some of our wines than he is though.  But then, he knows a thing or two about wine.  I just like the yummy ones.

A picture in the Cascade Mountains, showing the shockingly green water

A picture in the Cascade Mountains, showing the shockingly green water

We woke up and had a leisurely breakfast of brioche french toast and pineapple and lazed about a good bit.  Traveler’s work unfortunately is intruding with something that shouldn’t be a crisis but leaves him no choice.. being annoying without really being actually urgent, but what are you going to do?  So tonight he’s snuggled into one loveseat and I’m in the other, he to work on work and me to blog.  He’ll need to spend a few hours tomorrow on it too, which is a slight bummer, but at least it’s not worse.  I’ll be glad when he’s done.  It’s been weighing on him and it’ll be nice when he can relax and have it behind him.

The time is drizzling from my fingers and going too fast.  Even this moment I’m trying to remember to take note.  I’m looking at him a little here and there, loving the shared time of separate togetherness.  It’s a thing I miss sometimes in polyamory, where time is so precious that it’s rare to have this “nothing” time together.  It’s precious stuff.. this evening computer time and laundry and errands and planning and doing the little business of life.  I’ve been enjoying more of it lately with Traveler and even some here and there with Quinky Girl, and I have to tell you, I’m a fan.

A delicious Okanagan wine, Haywire Syrah

A delicious Okanagan wine, Haywire Syrah

I love that this is a real vacation, a trip long enough to have touring and fun and delicious passionate sex and hours of snuggles and naps, and dishes and grilling and watching a family of deer and trying again and again to video chat with Quinky Girl on her trip back east and just.. everything.  I don’t think I could ever stop wanting to hold him and pet him and kiss him.  I love listening to him talk about this work thing, hearing some of his philosophy on the ridiculous practice of evaluations.  I love our fits-and-starts game of Axis and Allies.  I love the delicious meals we are making together and his hands on my hips as I cut broccoli or him reading things off the net to me while I’m sautéing.  I like taking my time and washing every inch of him in the shower, exchanging smiles and wet kisses.  I am so content sitting here together.  Vacation.  Ahhhh.


  1. You sound relaxed. 🙂

    Whenever the Mister and I do short getaways like this… We sleep. 😉 We always have these fabulous intentions: hiking, touring, boating, beaching, sexing… Well, truth be told, we usually only get to the sexing. And we sleep. 🙂

    Enjoy your down time together. It is a rare and precious thing. And there is much to be remembered in the moments spent doing… Nothing. Just being.

    Ahhh… vacation.


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